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*This is a NEW addition for Agora 2015-16

This is an exploration of various STEM and science career opportunities that surround us in the community.  During this week we will explore and learn about various career opportunities. Possibilities include Marine Biology (SHEDD Aquarium), Engineering (Ford Motor plant), and much, much more. Students will have the opportunity to experience hands-on learning and exploring the wide variety of science and technology careers that surround you in the Chicagoland area.  The goal of this exploratory program is to simply build individual interest in various STEM careers through hands-on learning and discovery.  Some learners may develop an intense interest in a particular STEM career path. Students who participate in this program should be prepared to jump in and physically interact with the world around us.  Students will be required to physically participate in all activities and project opportunities. 

Tentative Cost: $500

Faculty: Ms. Janelle Stolz is in her first year of teaching at SBPS. She earned her BS at Illinois State University, she currently teaches science in the secondary school.  

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