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House System

Updated by Mr. Ramírez: 7 September 2017

Box Top Competition

  This year, we invite all of our families to collect Box Tops for Education (BTFE). This can be done by buying grocery products with the BTFE symbol.  This is a program that helps schools across the nation with funding that we use, specifically, to make our SBPS House System stronger and more dynamic. The money we receive from the program have gone to funding our mini challenges, flash games, pep rallies, Rockin’ Lock In, and House Rewards Day field trip.

This competition happens in two parts. We’ll collect our first round of box tops in October and another in February. The house with the highest amount of box tops collected will win the highest amount of points. Visit for more information about what the program does for schools across the country.

House Sorting Pep Rally

  The first week of school is always very exciting for our returning, new, and transfer students. This year, we decided to not wait until Friday to give our students a house welcome. We sorted the new group on our first day of school after a day of welcoming and team building activities. Our house system is one of the most unique qualities our middle school has in comparison to the competition. Our students are placed into houses to build new relationships with students inside and outside of their grade level, therefore, creating more dynamic social interactions.

  At our first pep rally, our students competed in a series of different games and won house points for the new school year. New sixth grader Hiyab Hailu said “My favorite part of the pep rally was the 6th grade game where we had to get one football to the other side using our feet.” On top of sorting all our new students, we sorted our new faculty and staff. Not only did our faculty and staff help cheer and regulate the pep rally, they participated in our classic “Dress the Teacher” relay. We’re looking forward to a new school year full of new house events, competitions, and mini challenges.

Student Leadership Retreat 2017

Towards the end of the Summer, our Student House Leaders participated in our first-ever House Leadership Retreat. This year’s group of leaders is comprised of middle school and high school students working together with our faculty leaders to build our 2017-2018 House System program of activities and events. They came to school a week early to participate in team building and planning activities.

The 2017-2018 Faculty Leadership Team

Mr. Érico Ramírez, Head of Bede House

Mr. David McQuade, Head of Scholastica House

Ms. Maggie Deady, Head of Gregory House

Ms. Amanda Gende, Head of Boniface House

Mrs. Mary Jo Kent, Head of Hilda House