High School Notes

So the Irons Oaks Trip is Friday!  I hope to get the lunch order for the seniors over to you soon so the kids can fill them out. 

Maggie and Doug - thanks for making time on Friday for the Peace School to visit. Christa has poster board in her office. When you are ready for it, please stop in and see her. 

The van is in for repairs. I told Lorenzo we need it for a few events coming up. It should be done by Friday. 

I changed the PD time this week to AGORA planning - since our first AGORA is next week on the 18th. I'll see if Joe and Chris can be available during that time since they have been the main planners. 

High School Teacher Weekly Update for September 17th-21st


(Remember HS teachers may add to this document) 

Tuesday - Special Schedule - September 18th

Plan on having mass at 8:30AM in Church. It's a regular Tuesday schedule with Mass 8:30AM and Seminar (Agora Time 9:20 to 9:55AM) with period 1 starting at 9:58AM. There is NO CHAPEL MASS this week



Plan on having mass at 8:30AM in Church.  It's a regular Tuesday schedule with Mass 8:30AM and Seminar (Prayer Buddy Time 9:20 to 9:55AM) with period 1 starting at 9:58AM. There is NO CHAPEL MASS this week. Prayer buddy time is a bit shorter. Rachel Waldron will be assigning the pairings soon. The focus will be on a “get to know” activity and Mary/Rosary.

Upcoming Tuesday Professional Development Topics

September 18th Online Sexual Harrassment Training if you haven’t done it

September 25th Agora Planning

Mass Grade Level & House Assignments - Please fill out *Due date EXTENDED by Friday, September 21st

Dear Homeroom teachers and House Leaders, 

Each week either a grade level or House will host mass.  Please fill out the document below with the students who will serve mass that week below the role in which they will do.  

For the document, click here

House Seminar Dates & Meeting Locations

House Seminar Tuesday Dates

  • Oct 9th

  • Oct 30th

  • Nov 13th

  • Dec 4th

  • Dec 18th

  • Jan 15th

  • Jan 22nd

  • Feb 19th

  • March 19th

  • April 9th

  • May 21st

House Meeting Locations

  • Scholastica: #331

  • Gregory: #332

  • Bede: Flex space

  • Hilda: Heidenreich

  • Boniface - SS Library

Agora Seminar Tuesday Dates

  • Sept. 18th

  • Oct. 2nd

  • Oct. 16th

  • Nov. 6th

  • Nov. 27th

  • Dec. 11th

  • Jan. 8th

  • Feb 5th

  • Feb 12th

  • Feb 26th

  • March 26th

  • April 16th

  • May 7th

  • May 28th

Progress Reports

Due in RenWeb on October 10th by 8am.  

  • Comments required for students receiving a C or below in your class. 

  • Make comments regarding behavior issues that have occurred in your presence (not just in class). 

  • Homeroom Teachers: You can make comments in  your homeroom class regard student behavior and consistent uniform issues. 

Regarding Renweb Gradebook Codes

Currently, no grading codes are pre-loaded into your RenWeb gradebooks.

To load them, please go to your gradebook, click on options, scroll down to Grading Codes and click "load default codes."  This will allow you to use M for missing, E for excused, etc.

Please make sure to do this for every class you teach.

Reach out if you have any questions. 

Important Uniform Update

After much discussion, the following changes have been made to the student uniform policy:  Black gym shoes are now permitted for young men and women. Note: Black gym shoes are not black dress shoes and can't be worn as such. 

6th - 8th, 12th Grade Announcements (or see the button below) 

Please update announcements no later than 7:55am on the day you'd like them to be read. 

Announcements must be read daily during morning homeroom.  

For the document, please click HERE

Upcoming Dates to Plan Around

  • Monday, September 17th - Fire Drill @ 9:15 am (Teachers know, students don’t)

  • Monday, September 17th - Seniors to Peace Walk at Daley Plaza - 10AM to 2PM

  • Tuesday, September 18th - First Agora of the year

  • Thursday, September 20th - K-8 Picture Day (for those that teach MS)

  • Friday, September 21st - FUN RUN & HS Senior College Fair/Visit

  • Friday, September 28th - No School - PD Day

  • Friday, September 28th & Saturday, September 29th -Oktober Fest

  • Friday, October 5th - Grandparent’s Day (K-5)

  • Wednesday, October 10th - Progress Reports due by 8am

Special Events for the School Year

Click Here for Shared Document