High School Notes

High School Teacher Weekly Update for November 12th


(Remember HS teachers may add to this document) 

Tuesday - Special Schedule - November 12th

Boniface HOUSE is having mass at 8:30AM in CHAPEL.  It's a regular Tuesday schedule (with Gregory House HOSTING) Mass 8:30AM and (HOUSE Time 9:20 to 9:55AM) with period 1 starting at 9:58AM.



8:10 to 8:45 ? (I’m waiting to see what MS is doing - it looks like either a service activity or middle school organization time in HR)

8:45 to 9:15 Prayer Buddy Activity (Posted on Gemo’s Notes)

9:30 to 10:30 - Thanksgiving Mass

10:30 - end of day - shortened periods - it is the last day of the Trimester, so it is a quick wrap up

Final Exam Schedule for November 16th and 19th

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The finals schedule for first trimester was shared with everyone. I ask that you create your FINALS and submit a copy of it to Kathleen Deehan so that she knows what is needed in terms of making modifications. Please see me if you have questions. I would like her to have them by Sunday, November 11th if possible.

Senior Spirit Week - December 3-7th

Monday: Merry Morning Monday (PJ/Comfy Day)

Tuesday: Save the Best for Last shirts and jeans

Wednesday: Christmas/Holiday character day or wear red and green

Thursday: Maroon Vs. Gold day (similar to last year) with a 12th grade only pep rally 7th period

Friday: Ugly Christmas Sweater Day for the Trolley

Upcoming Tuesday Professional Development Topics

November 13th - High School Activities Planning

November 20th - We will all meet in Kittler for a brief Advent Presentation from the Advent Committee

November 27th - Report Card Work Time

December 4th 3:15PM - Social Emotional Learning for Grades 6-12 teachers - Guest presenter Ann Kulig

Mass Grade Level & House Assignments -

Dear Homeroom teachers and House Leaders, 

Each week either a grade level or House will host mass.  Please fill out the document below with the students who will serve mass that week below the role in which they will do.  

For the document, click here

House Seminar Dates & Meeting Locations

House Seminar Tuesday Dates

  • Nov 13th

  • Dec 4th

  • Dec 18th

  • Jan 15th

  • Jan 22nd

  • Feb 19th

  • March 19th

  • April 9th

  • May 21st

House Meeting Locations

  • Scholastica: #331

  • Gregory: #332

  • Bede: Flex space

  • Hilda: Heidenreich

  • Boniface - SS Library

Agora Seminar Tuesday Dates

  • Nov. 27th

  • Dec. 11th

  • Jan. 8th

  • Feb 5th

  • Feb 12th

  • Feb 26th

  • March 26th

  • April 16th

  • May 7th

  • May 28th

Regarding Renweb Gradebook Codes

Currently, no grading codes are pre-loaded into your RenWeb gradebooks.

To load them, please go to your gradebook, click on options, scroll down to Grading Codes and click "load default codes."  This will allow you to use M for missing, E for excused, etc.

Please make sure to do this for every class you teach.

Reach out if you have any questions. 

Important Uniform Update

After much discussion, the following changes have been made to the student uniform policy:  Black gym shoes are now permitted for young men and women. Note: Black gym shoes are not black dress shoes and can't be worn as such. 

6th - 8th, 12th Grade Announcements (or see the button below) 

Please update announcements no later than 7:55am on the day you'd like them to be read. 

Announcements must be read daily during morning homeroom.  

For the document, please click HERE

Upcoming Dates to Plan Around

  • Wednesday, October 31st - Halloween celebration

  • Th 11/1 - All Saints Day – Mass at 8:30– Dress Uniform 

  • T 11/6 - Election Day – No use of SS Library 

  • W 11/7 - PS-8 Open House – 6:00-8:00 pm 

  • F 11/9 - No School – PD Day - Catechetical Retreat for Faculty 

Special Events for the School Year

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