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Summer Reading Program 2011 Grade 9

Summer vacation is a time often dedicated to exploring new places or re-connecting with family and friends.  The English Department of St. Benedict Preparatory School believes that reading is a path to achieving both of these goals.  Students can travel to different times and places or visit familiar characters and plots by spending time engaged with a good book.  Summer reading can help encourage  a life-long love of reading as well as strengthen a student’s writing skills, as one of the strongest predictors of a writer’s ability is the amount of quality literature that writer reads.   The St. Benedict Prep Summer Reading assignments have been developed to reflect the curricula the students will experience during the school year and to fulfill the vision of the school, which states in part that students are “engaged in a challenging curriculum and achieve academic success.”

All students in grade 9 will read two books during the course of the summer.  One book is selected by the teachers; the other book you will choose from a pre-selected list.   For each book, you must complete a Reader Response Log to be collected for a grade on Wednesday, August 24.  Students with English second trimester may choose to turn in their assignments at the beginning of the school year.  The assignment will be held for second trimester. 

Review the titles available on the reading list – there is great variety in genre, topic, and reading level.  Parents should approve all books before students begin reading.  Some books may have strong themes or language.  If you have any questions, please e-mail Ms. Mocarski at

Requirements of Reader Response Log

The Reader Response Log must include at least 5 entries per book read and must be typed

The Log must include a title page with the following:

  • the title of the book
  • the author’s name
  • your name
  • some type of illustration

Each entry must include the following

  • Date written
  • Page numbers completed (from page # to page #)
  • Identification of the writing prompt selected
  • At least 100 words per entry

Correct grammar is part of the grade, so edit your work carefully.

For details, please visit the following links:

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