During the summer, each rising sixth through twelfth grader will read the assigned book from the Read Around the Block list and respond to a writing prompt about the book.  Students should review the writing prompts and rubric requirements before and after reading the assigned books.  The writing response will be evaluated on completeness, organization, textual support, and mechanics.  An effective essay makes a clear claim that is related to the prompt and demonstrates knowledge of the text by offering textual support in the form of quotes or detailed examples.  Additionally, students must attach five thoughtful discussion questions to contribute to their small group meetings.  Each student will submit the completed, typed essay along with the discussion questions to his/her advisor (grades 9 - 12) or Language Arts teacher (grades 6 - 8) at the beginning of the school year on Thursday, August 27.  All essays and written responses will be evaluated by the student's English/Language Arts teacher, in conjunction with an inclusion facilitator when appropriate.


On Tuesday, September 1, all secondary school students will meet with their book discussion groups, which consist of a faculty or staff member, a student leader who has participated in a summer training session, and six to ten other students.  The discussion portion of the assignment will be evaluated by the adult leader who has also read the book and will be providing supervision for the discussion.  Students are expected to participate and listen actively during their group's discussion.  Active participation in the discussion includes responding to and offering questions about the text, appropriately listening to and reacting to fellow group members, and demonstrating knowledge of the text.  The adult discussion leaders will submit their evaluations of students' participation to the appropriate English teachers.  

If you have any questions, please contact Carrie Mocarski, English/Language Arts Department Chair, at