Course Description:  Psychology is the study of the behavior and mental processes. Psychology is a science
that seeks to describe, predict, understand and influence maladaptive, [patterns that can hurt self and
others], thoughts and behavior. There are multiple theories and approaches in Psychology, some successful
for one type of disorder but not for another. Motivation, moods, memory, reactions, attitudes, perceptions,
attraction, talent, what you enjoy – or despise – all of these things have their roots in your Psychology. While
Psychology is in the Social Science curriculum, it is in reality a Behavioral Science that often overlaps with the
Natural Sciences.

Syllabus: Click here

Course Materials:

  1. Think Psychology, Abigail Baird will be the textbook for the course. We will also use online and
  2. outside resources.
  3. Edmodo code: wgbfpv
  4. 3-ring binder [2 inch recommended]
  5. 6 dividers
  6. Computer/Tablet
  7. Pen/Pencil/Highlighter
  8. Loose leaf notebook paper
  9. A positive attitude and open mind