Early Childhood Notes

This Week's Schedule...

Click here for this week's schedule - Week of September 10th

In This Week's Notes For Your Reference....

  • RW's weekly information

  • Teacher Committee Selection

  • Club Dates

  • Friday Mass schedule

  • Club Dates and information

  • Things to do when taking attendance

Another week is in the books!  Just as things are starting fall into a routine and feel normal, along comes the Fun Run pep rally and huddles, and next week Picture Days and the Fun Run!  I know you can all handle it, it's going to be a busy, but fun few weeks.  If you can all make sure that Kristen has your field trip shirt counts by the beginning of the week, I would really appreciate it.

Teachers in the ES building, please be aware that starting this week each of your assistants will be helping out in the ES lobby from 7:40-8:00 one day each week.  You can ask them which day they were assigned, if you are interested.

Most teachers, I sent an email last week about helping from 3:00-3:30 in PS after care, because it takes me about that long to get dismissal settled on the other side, before I can get there to help out.  Hopefully this will be the last week that I will need this assistance.

I just realized that I didn't change the PD section of your teacher weekly...oops!  This week's PD time will begin with your unit meeting with Kristen at 2:15, then at 2:30 in Kittler Hall with the Fun Run peeps.  You can then have the remaining time to get all of your Fun Run things in order, finish your unit meeting, should you need it, and then have planning time.

I hope you all have a great week!

Annual Fall Gathering of Early Childhood Educators

A professional development and networking opportunity for preschool and kindergarten teachers and assistants from all Archdiocese of Chicago schools will be hosted by St. Giles School on Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018. Registration information and directions are attached. Please contact Julie Ramski at 312.534.3868 or jramski@archchicago.org with any questions.

Fun Run Team Huddles

Please use the link here to sign up for your Fun Run Team Huddles.  Please sign up for one huddle on the first spreadsheet (for either Th, F, M, or T) and then sign up for either Wed or Thurs on the second two spreadsheets.  Also, please include your room number, as the team will need to come to you.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Preschool screening - Click here for the age calculator

Please be sure to check not only the Breaking News on the dashboard daily, but you need to check both Early Childhood and the Inclusion and Instruction tab each week.

 Click here for the Early Childhood Friday Mass Schedule 2018 - updated 8/31/18

After school club dates for 2018-19

There are PINK club forms in my mailbox in the PS and in the club mailbox in the ES, ready to be picked up and filled out.  They are due no later than Wednesday.  See the link below for the full list of club dates.

Club form due dates:

  • Holiday Clubs (green forms) - forms due to RW by 10/29, Flyers go home and in the Buzz on 11/1

  • Winter Clubs (blue forms) - forms due to RW by 1/7, Flyers go home and in the Buzz on 1/10

  • Spring Clubs (purple forms) - forms due to RW by 3/25, Flyers go home and in the Buzz on 3/28

Click here for a list of club dates for the 2018-19 school year

Things to do when taking attendance: (K-5)

  • - Take daily attendance by 8:30am each morning

  • - Every student needs a mark (P, AU, TU) DNA is a mark used for preschool, please do not use that mark.

  • - IF AU is marked, you MUST put a comment!

  • - Put a comment even if it is the same comment from the day before (for a kid who is missing a few days in a row.)

  • - If you don’t know the reason for the absence, you MUST still comment: "no note," or "not sure" or "I don’t know," and even ‘idk’ will be acceptable!

  • - You can make changes up to 9:00am

  • - If it is after 9:00am and you need to make a change, contact Carol