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Early Childhood Notes

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Click here for this week's schedule - Week of April 24th

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  • RW's weekly information
  • Early Childhood Observation Schedule
  • Early Childhood Mass Schedule
  • Club Dates 
  • Things to do when taking attendance (K teachers)

Thank you all for your flexibility this week as THE Tent has come to be!  It's really been something to watch.  I look forward to seeing most of you tomorrow night for all of the fun!

Just a reminder, though the Mass and Gala ends on Saturday night, the Tent will still be with us a bit longer.  It is my understanding that it will probably take most of Monday for it to come down.  So the same/following rules apply:

  • The courtyard is NOT available for recess or as a cut-through to other places in the building/on campus. (Please DO NOT enter the courtyard until you have been given clearance by the administration)
  • I'm not sure what the status of the gym will be so please continue take direction from Sean as to where your gym class will be taking place
  • The preschool playground is available for recess, so is the Gross Motor Room.  Preschool uses the playground from 8:40-11:40.  Kindergarten, you would be welcome to create a sign-up to use either the PS playground or GMR during times when PS is not out.  All I ask is that the schedule is shared with myself, Cathy and Carol.
  • Because there will be NO option for parents to park in the courtyard, both pick-up and drop-off will be affected
    • Morning Drop-off - (Monday) - PS teachers in the ES building, please be outside by 7:35.  We will allow students to enter the building beginning at 7:35 (K teachers, please be in your classrooms).  We will hold tardies until at least 8:05.  If it goes later, we will make an announcement.
    • Afternoon Pick-up - (Monday) - Will go 10 minutes later for ALL grade levels (regardless of which building you are in)  Clubs will need to start 10 minutes late, as well.
  • If you have any questions about this, please see me!

A BIG shout-out to the Week of the Young Child committee for all of the fun things that are planned for the upcoming week!  If you have any questions, please reach out to Liz or another member of the committee.

We had a meeting last week for those interested in working/teaching summer camp.  If you missed and would like more information please e-mail camp coordinator Kristen Hayes (khayes@stbenedict.com). 


Please be sure to check not only the Breaking News on the dashboard daily, but you need to check both Early Childhood and the Inclusion and Instruction tab each week.

2016-2017 Early Childhood Observation Schedule - click here

Click here for the Early Childhood Mass Schedule - 2016 updated 9/14/16

Club Dates

Spring Club Dates - March 27th - May 27th (9 weeks) feel free to do only 8 weeks, if you would like

  • No Clubs on Th 4/13, F 4/14, M 4/17, Th 5/4, F 5/5
  • Flyers due to RW on F 3/3
  • Flyers go home on Th 3/9

Things to do when taking attendance: (K-5)

  • -      Take daily attendance by 8:30am each morning
  • -      Every student needs a mark (P, AU, TU) DNA is a mark used for preschool, please do not use that mark.
  • -      IF AU is marked, you MUST put a comment! 
  • -      Put a comment even if it is the same comment from the day before (for a kid who is missing a few days in a row.)
  • -      If you don’t know the reason for the absence, you MUST still comment:  "no note," or "not sure" or "I don’t know," and even ‘idk’ will be acceptable!
  • -      You can make changes up to 9:00am
  • -      If it is after 9:00am and you need to make a change, contact Carol