Personal Fitness

Course Description: This course was designed as an individualized approach for the assessment, analysis, and understanding of a lifetime of wellness through fitness. This course includes a thorough physical fitness/risk factor assessment, and a variety of skill and health related physical fitness component activities. An emphasis is placed on weight training once a week. Along with a focus on personal fitness information, it also covers practical skills, and real-world applications that encourage students to become responsible for their own fitness and well-being throughout life. Physical education uniform and school issued lock is required.

Syllabus: Click here 

Course Outcomes:

  •  Perform physical activity that will benefit cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscular strength, and muscular endurance.

Course Materials:

All equipment will be provided for student participation.  We will utilize the weight room, gymnasium, and classroom in order for students to accomplish and complete the daily workout. 

Students may bring outside equipment to utilize (Teacher Approval)