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Parent Partnership Program

Earn $200 Per Family (grades K-8 only) by Volunteering!

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(This year we will be doing everything electronically...please read carefully.)

There are several opportunities for K-8 families to participate in the reduction of tuition at SBPS.

St. Benedict Preparatory School (SBPS) acknowledges the financial commitment parents show by sending their children to Catholic school. To ease this burden, we have created the "parent partnership" service program, now in its 13th year. Parents of K-8 students can volunteer their time and talent for one or more of the specified school organizations/events listed below.

A total of at least 20 volunteer hours is needed in order to receive the $200 per family credit toward the cost of tuition.

The list of organizations (coordinator is parenthesis) include:

  • ·         St. Benedict Preparatory School (Head of School, teachers and office staff)
  • ·         SBPS Athletic Association(Chris Deakins, cdeakins@stbenedict.com)
  • ·         Home and School Association (hsa@stbenedict.com)
  • ·         Annual Ball and Auction(Joe Accardi, jaccardi@stbenedict.com)
  • ·         BenFest  
  • ·         Lunchroom Supervision (Heads of School)
  • ·         Bingo (Daralis Oliver, Daralis@stbenedict.com)
  • ·         Oktoberfest  

To receive the Parent-Partnership discount, parents/guardians should do the following:

1) Be in full compliance with the Archdiocese of Chicago Safe Environment Requirements. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE for all volunteers whether or not you choose to participate in the Parent Partnership Program.

For more information, please go to the Archdiocese Website at http://www.archchicago.org/departments/safe_environment/compliance.shtm

2) Complete the Participation Form at the link below by September 16, 2016.

2016-2017 Parent Partnership Registration Form

3) Volunteer for one of the above organizations or events as needed.

4) After volunteering, submit your "hours" electronically by using the link below.

2016-2017 Parent Partnership Hours Submission Form coming soon

5) Retain a listing of your volunteer hours in case there is a mix up.  To receive $100 off your December payment, then please log in at least 10 hours by November 1st. The second (or full amount) half will be subtracted from your May tuition payment.

Families may receive only a maximum tuition discount of $200 per family.  Only increments of 10 service hours will be accepted for this discount, and partial discounts for service totaling less than 10 hours will not qualify for this tuition discount program.

There are certain long-term commitments which do not require the regular submission of hours worked.  Satisfactory completion of duties is enough since these positions require far more than 20 hours of volunteering.  However, please indicate that you'd still like to receive the $200 off your family's tuition. This discount will not be automatic.

These roles include

  • Chairs of Fundraising (Ball and Auction, BenFest, etc..)
  • HEAD coaches
  • HEAD Scout Leaders
  • Home and School Association Officers
  • Advisory Board Members

Questions regarding the Parent-Partnership Program may be directed to Ms. Dodovich at cdodovich@stbenedict.com

Thank you to all our volunteers!  You all make St. Benedict Prep a great community!