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Discover Washington D.C.!  8th Grade

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While students are learning the beginning of our Federal government and early Presidents, students will explore critical modern events such as: the Cold War, Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam Conflict, and the Space Race.

While visiting the Capitol and the Supreme Court students will understand the balance of powers that exist in our government.  The MLK memorial will lead us into a lesson on how American citizens can use their rights to achieve social change. Through classroom study, students will explore political and social conflicts between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Students will analyze how government, social, and political events interweave and influence our world today.  Students will learn about these events by reading historical accounts, examining primary sources and multimedia outlets.

Their culminating project will be to create and share a blog, which will illustrate their experiences and thoughts on the topics they’ve learned.  Upon return students will present their blogs to their classmates and parents, showing all that they have discovered.

Cost: $1550 paid directly to Tour Services

Washington D.C. Faculty Team: Dave McQuade is in his fourth year teaching Social Studies for grades 6-8 at SBPS.  He graduated in History at Stephen F. Austin State University.  This will be Mr. McQuade’s second visit to Washington D.C., his first being on the 8th grade inaugural DC trip last March.  He looks forward to sharing this experience with this year’s 8th grade class and bringing back many items to use in the classroom.  

Zora Voynovich is in her second year teaching Mathematics for grades 6 and 9 at SBPS. She majored in mathematics and history at DePaul University, and earned her Masters from DePaul as well. This will be Ms. Voynovich’s second trip to Washington D.C. as she went as an 8th grader with her class.

Sarah Weiske (formerly Kinzler) is in her second year teaching Secondary Language Arts at SBPS. She majored in secondary education and history at Loyola University-Chicago. This will be Mrs. Weiske’s first visit to Washington D.C. She looks forward to helping the students analyze and summarize nonfiction, early American documents.