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Middle School Notes


Dear St. Benedict Teachers & Staff,

Thank you all for a wonderful trimester! We are in the home stretch, we are almost at Thanksgiving Break.  If you ordered a Wreath please make sure you pick yours up on Monday in the main office.  The 6th and 7th grade students, post- exams will get a selection of movies to attend tomorrow as well as a quiet work room.  The 8th graders will be attending a retreat led by Dan and Kim tomorrow.  Tomorrow evening, is our Late Night Fun Run Surprise, make sure to read the email that was sent out.  On Tuesday, our students will be given time to work on their portfolios during classes and will attend the Thanksgiving mass at 9:30 am. We will have our first Advisory Meet and Greet during 4C.  For PD time we will meet at Kittler for the Advent presentation.  I wish you all a wonderful, relaxing and joyous Thanksgiving - many blessings! I am thankful for all of you. 

Mary Deletioglu, Head of Middle School 

Important Dates:

  • Monday, November 20th - Secondary Final Exams
  • Monday, November 21st - 8th grade Retreat 12:25 - 3:10pm (Library & Church)
  • Monday, November 20th - Late Night Surprise - Fun Run Incentive (7 - 9:30pm)
  • Tuesday, November 21st - Portfolio Time in class 
  • Tuesday, November 21st - Thanksgiving Mass @ 9:30 am
  • Tuesday, November 21st - First Advisory Meet & Greet during 4C
  • Tuesday, November 21st - PD meet in Kittler @ 2:30pm
  • Wednesday, November 29th - Report Cards Due

In this Issue:

  • Upcoming Final Exam Schedule (New)
  • Christmas Show Program Rehearsal (New)
  • Addendum to Tech Policy
  • RTI Presentation
  • ID Replacement
  • Lesson Plans
  • Loyola Observers
  • Do Not Photo List
  • Lunch and Recess Duty
  • Detentions


Exams Due to Inclusion facilitator and Head of School by November 6th.  If there is a student that is failing please call and email the parents...do not assume parents check RenWeb.  Please see the schedule below:

Friday, November 17


 8:00-8:10         HOMEROOM

 8:15-9:45         PERIOD 1 EXAM

 9:45-10:15       BREAK (CAFETERIA SUPERVISORS: Mary Jo, Adriana, Matt M, Doug )

10:15-11:45       PERIOD 2 EXAM


11:45-12:15       4A  

12:20-12:50       4B

12:55-1:25         4C

 1:30-3:00         PERIOD 3 EXAM

  3:15               DISMISSAL


Monday, November 20


8:00-8:10          HOMEROOM

8:15-9:45          PERIOD 5 EXAM

9:45-10:15        BREAK  (CAFETERIA SUPERVISORS:  Mary Jo,  Jean, Carrie, Maggie)

10:15-11:45      PERIOD 6 EXAM

11:45               GRADES 11-12 DISMISSED (ALL teachers should remain at school until 3:30)

11:45-12:15      RECESS MIDDLE SCHOOL

12:15-12:45      LUNCH FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL  (LUNCH SUPERVISORS FOR MS LUNCH: Doug, Matt, Mary Jo, Maggie)



Monday November 27th 4B/C
Tuesday November 28th 4B/C
Thursday November 30th 4B/C
Tuesday December 5th 4B/C 

THEN we will have two rehearsals for all the performers in the show

Wednesday December 6th 1:00-3:00pm
Thursday December 7th 1:00-3:00pm 

Here is a list of all the students involved. Please contact Ms. Stapleton with any questions 

Dance Students
Period 5

1. Ahlheim, Maximus
2. Ambort, Adelaide
3. Araujo, Lizbeth
4. Avila, Fabiola
5. Dilendorf, Elizabeth
6. Doka, Reajna
7. Garcia-Gonzalez, Solina
8. Ghuneim, Dominique
9. Maldonado, Mariah
10. Martin, Taylor
11. Miller, Kate
12. Mortimer, Jamie
13. Ocansey, Keren
14. Rea, Elia
15. Sweat, Nicole

Choir Students
Michael Alejandro
Juan Cabrera
Mira Cohen
Elizabeth Colunga
Elizabeth Dilendorf
Reajna Doka
Abby Garcia
Kalkedan Mamo
Mylan Nguyen
Jenny Li
Adolfo Segovia
Solina Garcia

Band Students
Jaelynne Vergara
Kate Mueller
Sinead Nash
Mary Balcsik
Lizzie Furie
Hiyab Hailu
Fiach O Byrne
PJ Gallagher
Jack McCreery
Efren Esparza
Daniel Tray
Mark West
Eamon Ogren
Hannah Hart
Alex Johnson
Ellie Kirkland
Joe Lynch
Zoey Mulderink
Liam OFarrell
Paddy O Shea
Anthony Pautsch
Eva Retford

String Students
6th Grade

Maggie Owens
Sofia Donoso
Brigid Clarke
Olivia Stern
Lauren Walton

7th Grade
Erin Edlund
Mimi Rector

8th Grade
Salma Varela-Vera
Stetson Atwood
Nicole McMahon

Addendum to the Technology Acceptable Use Policy Effective October 19, 2017

Under "Unacceptable Uses of the St. Benedict Parish & Preparatory School Network" the following item was added:

The following are unacceptable uses of the SBPPS network:

  • The school uses a web proxy and content filter both on campus and on the cloud. Any attempt to bypass these services in any fashion is strictly prohibited.

Any student or employee to attempts to bypass the school security services will face disciplinary consequences.

RTI PRESENTATION- Please note RTI dates, if you teach a student who is on the docket for conversation you are expected to be in attendance.

All middle school and high school teachers are reminded that if you have students with the grade of a D or below, and who do not currently have a service plan, should prepare an RtI ticket for these student by October 16.  RtI's on not limited to students with these criteria, but at minimum you must prepare one for each student falling into this category.

Click here to reference the RTI presentation from Friday. Thank you Zora and Doug.

ID Replacement 

If a student needs a replacement of ID, lanyard or sleeve, the prices are as follows:

Sleeve - $2

Lanyard - $8

ID - $5

Lesson Plans

I will continue to be checking them and commenting on them as well as your materials.  Please make sure you keep your folders updated and current.  The following is a great resource for lesson plan development.  Click here

Loyola Observers

Please welcome our Loyola Observers, for the schedule click here

Do Not Photo List Middle School 6 - 8

Eva Grbavac - 6th grade

Regarding Lunch and Recess Duty

During Recess Duty please make sure all posts are covered.  It is important we maintain 100% supervision coverage of our students.

As Lunch Rotation continues, please remember to be positioned at key locations i.e milk & lunch line.  Remember full supervision is expected for the entire time.  Make sure to get the students quiet using voice level 0 and dismiss by tables.


Detentions start this week.  Please note that every time you write a detention you must email the parent and student as well as cc’ myself.  You will then need to put the detention slip into Kathy Moore’s mailbox. The student is given the yellow copy and the white copy is the office copy.  They must be put in Kathy’s mailbox by 3:30pm that say, in order for the detention to be served the following day.  All behavioral detentions are served in the Art Room during MS Recess and Lunch (depending if it is a 30 min or 60 min). Tardy detentions are served in the morning.