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Middle School Notes

Dear St. Benedict Teachers & Staff,

Thank you for all that you do.  I can't tell you enough how proud and blessed we are to have such a wonderful team. I couldn't do it without you.  Every day I am grateful to have such wonderful leaders teaching our middle school students. We are all here for the same reason and that is to teach our students.  I support you and I am right there with you.  Thank you for all the support you give me as well.  With that being said, I want to let you know that I have been accepted to complete part of my internship for my grad program at Lane Tech.  I am extremely happy with my placement for it's proximity to SBPS. The weeks that I will be completing my hours, I will communicate my schedule for the week and let you know the game plan.  Thank you for your cooperation.  See below for the ASPIRE schedule as well as the instructions. 

Many blessings,

Mary Deletioglu, Head of Middle School

Important Dates:

  • March 14th thru March 20th - Aspire Interim Testing
  • Thursday, March 15th - Reports Card due at 8 am
  • Friday, March 16th - Tornado Drill
  • Friday, March 16th - Fish Fry
  • Monday, March 19th - St. Joseph Feast Day - Wear Red, White or Gold
  • Monday, March 19th - Family Life Night : 7 - 8:30 pm in the secondary library
  • Tuesday, March 20th - Library Closed for Elections all day 
  • Wednesday, March 21st - 6th & 7th grade Reconciliation, 6th & 7th eat 4C
  • Friday, March 23rd - 8th grade not in class due to Living Station practice & performance 
  • Friday, March 23rd - 8th grade Reconciliation @ 9:30 am
  • Friday, March 23rd - Living Stations of the Cross 1PM, 2PM and 7PM (Fish Fry follows) 
  • Tuesday, March 27th - Agora Parent Night @ 6pm 
  • Thursday, March 29th - Holy Thursday Prayer Service 
  • Friday, March 30th - Sunday, April 8th - Easter Vacation 
  • Monday, April 9th - Classes Resume 
  • Week of April 15th - AGORA 

In this Issue:

  • A Little Inspiration for your Week (NEW)
  • PD Tuesday (NEW
  • ASPIRE Schedule (NEW)
  • ASPIRE Interim Logistics (NEW)
  • Severe Weather Drill (NEW)
  • Annual Screening (NEW)
  • March Madness (NEW)
  • Lent Document (NEW)
  • Resources Active Shooter (NEW)
  • Notes of Encouragement for Ethan Li (NEW)
  • ID Replacement
  • Lesson Plans
  • Do Not Photo List
  • Lunch and Recess Duty
  • Detentions

A little Inspiration for your Week 

Something to make you laugh - HERE

Another thing to make you laugh - HERE

PD Tuesday

Report Card Work Time.  Report Cards are due Wednesday 8 am but I am extending the deadline to Thursday at 8am so that you can focus on the learned behaviors.  Please don't rush through this.  This data is imperative for the NJHS process. 

Bus Safety Drill Happens on Tuesday, March 13th (Added 3.11) 

As we prepare for our State of Illinois Accreditation Visit scheduled for March 26th, we need to finalize our safety drills. One drill is a BUS Evacuation Drill. We will do this for grades PK-6. The bus may be in the courtyard if we can land it there. Otherwise, we'll have it parked on Byron. Please review UNIT 5 of this safety document prior to the bus drill. Reviewing this will help prepare the students ahead of time. 

Bus Drills - Tuesday  https://www.isbe.net/Documents/bus_safety_teach_guide.pdf

Keep in mind the bus capacity 2 per seat - total 47 for big kids;   3 per seat for a total of 71




n grades 3-8, we will be starting Interim ASPIRE assessments next week, on Monday, March 12th.  Students will be taking ASPIRE assessments in Reading, Math and Science. Testing in grades 3 and 6 will be done in the classroom with the student device (please remind 6th graders to bring their device!) Grades 4 and 5 primarily in the Exploratory and Grades 7 &8 primarily in the FLEX SPACE using school laptops.  The ACT/ASPIRE does not allow us to administer the tests in a BYOD ONE TO ONE environment. There is a schedule for everyone to follow - you can access it here: 


Some things to know - Directions will be on the two GOOGLE attachments listed below: 

CHEATSHEET   https://docs.google.com/a/stbenedict.com/document/d/11YNidFGs6DfxhQM0ElDCdAridpvYAKY20868huEatnw/edit?usp=sharing



Please note - BRING A LAPTOP to your testing  sessions so you can monitor student assessment. 

Tech, Admin, Phil and I will be popping in to monitor the testing progress. However, you will mostly be on our own to administer the test.  The teachers will be responsible for leading/administering their student assessments.  We expect all students will do their interims with their classmates unless your IF tells you differently.  Each test session has a packet that will be issued from Christa's office on the day of administration. Be sure at the end of every test to collect the test tickets/scratch paper and bring it back to Christa. Keep a sticky note on the packet of students who need to make up their testing. In the end, we just want the students to take the test seriously, yet not stress out so we can get the best data possible. 

Aspire Interim Logistics

The following are some helpful reminders regarding the logistics of the Aspire Interim.

Highlight the students who are present. That way the last person to test and dropping it off can write on the front who was absent and needs to be scheduled for makeups.  

Note below whether or not you are picking up or dropping off the test to Christa. 

Please refer to the schedule to determine who you are handing the test off to throughout the day:


For Wednesday: 

Pickup from Christa in the morning: 

- Haley picks up 6th and 8th-grade reading test 

- Roland picks up 7th-grade reading test

**Check Schedule for who to handoff the test to throughout the day 

Dropoff to Christa at the end of the day: 

- Haley drops off 6th and 8th-grade reading test 

- Colleen drop off 7th-grade reading test

On Thursday:

Pickup from Christa in the morning: 

- Zora picks up 6th and 8th-grade math test 

- Colleen picks up the 7th-grade math test

**Check Schedule for who to handoff the test to throughout the day 

Dropoff to Christa at the end of the day: 

- Zora drops off 6th and 8th-grade math test 

- Andy drop off 7th-grade math test

On Friday:

Pickup from Christa in the morning: 

-Dave picks up 7th-grade science 

- Karen picks up 6th-grade science

**Check Schedule for who to handoff the test to throughout the day 

Dropoff to Christa at the end of the day: 

-Dave drops off 7th-grade science 

- Karen drops off 6th-grade science

On Monday: 

Pickup from Christa in the morning: 

-Dave picks up 7th-grade science 

- Zora picks up 8th-grade science

**Check Schedule for who to handoff the test to during the day 

Dropoff to Christa at the end of the day: 

-Dave picks up 7th-grade science 

- Zora picks up 8th-grade science

Thank you! 

Severe Weather Drill - Tornado Drill Scheduled for Friday, March 16th 9:30AM (added 3.11)

Training videos for Severe Weather Safety



If there is a tornado drill, tornado watch or warning, an announcement over the PA will be made. Students are to move quietly outside the halls as indicated by the Tornado Exit sign and line up in the following position:

Student body Position: On the floor facing a wall, Kneel on floor, Students lean forward, crouching on the ground (like a turtle), Fold hands behind the head.

If there is time, we will move most students to the basement of building three, basement of building one, or the first floor halls of building 1 and 4.

As a reminder, in a real severe weather emergency,  if there is little time, then teachers need to find shelter in the most interior small rooms and closets away from windows or wide open spaces.  Every effort should be made to get off the third floor.

Annual Health Screening Here at St. Benedict Parish - Open to All Employees (Added 3.11)

It is that time of year again. The annual health wellness screening provided through the Archdiocese of Chicago is now open for registration. For those employees who are new to the archdiocese, this is a free wellness screening that measures various levels in your blood such as cholesterol, glucose, etc. Please note that even if you set-up an account in past years, you will need to set-up a new account. Don't use the existing account option.

Our parish is hosting a screening on Friday, April 27 from 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. in the rectory located at 2215 W. Irving Park Road. Please enter through the front door on Irving Park, not through the back door of the alley way.

Please register as soon as possible for the screening as spaces fill-up quickly. You can also choose other sites around the archdiocese if you wish to select a different day and time.  Employees who participate will receive a $75 gift card (through whom, I am unaware.)

To sign-up:  Link: https://www.hsscreeningreg.com/login.php

User: aoc  Password: healthy

Any questions, please direct them to Geoff Pautsch

MARCH MADNESS NCAA Basketball Tournament Brackets...For Those Who Did NOT Give Up Gambling for LENT (added 3.11)

Here's the link to our March Madness group.  Each entry is $10, winner takes all.  The password to join the group is gobengals.  Questions - SEE Waldron


Updated LENT Document on Quick Links 

  1. We've added early childhood lesson activities in the weekly chart - thanks Betty! 
  2. We've also added two videos - one appropriate for all grade levels on St. Benedict's St. Vincent DePaul's work in the parish. The other one is appropriate for our high school students based on St. Benedict's work to help educate others about Domestic violence. Please check the chart for these links. Thanks to Elaine and Louie for getting these videos done. 
  3. Here is the LINK again for your convenience https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OIpoSiEbz7ZxyJh2-wG99CWylbSC47HX6um_rhrhh5s/edit?usp=sharing

Some short articles and VIDEOS on School Safety Practices regarding Active Shooters 

 Catholic School Teacher:  Safety in Our Classrooms (CLICK)

FEMA Resources on Active Shooter Precautions (CLICK) 

Good video training with some helpful suggestions (Click) 

Video shows how a teacher talks to elementary students (Click)  

Video shows another drill practice (some things school specific) (Click)

A Training Video that give some more good ideas (CLICK) 

Video: Sheep, Shepherd, Wolf Drill for Young Children (CLICK) 

Send Ethan Li Some Notes of Encouragement

A CaringBridge Site was created for Ethan. It‘s a caring social network to help people stay connected with family and friends during a health event. Visit Ethan‘s site often to stay updated and share messages of encouragement and compassion.

Visit online

Site Link: https://www.caringbridge.org/public/ethanli

Site Name: ethanli

Addendum to the Technology Acceptable Use Policy Effective October 19, 2017

Under "Unacceptable Uses of the St. Benedict Parish & Preparatory School Network" the following item was added:

The following are unacceptable uses of the SBPPS network:

  • The school uses a web proxy and content filter both on campus and on the cloud. Any attempt to bypass these services in any fashion is strictly prohibited.

Any student or employee to attempts to bypass the school security services will face disciplinary consequences.

ID Replacement 

If a student needs a replacement of ID, lanyard or sleeve, the prices are as follows:

Sleeve - $2

Lanyard - $8

ID - $5

Lesson Plans

I will continue to be checking them and commenting on them as well as your materials.  Please make sure you keep your folders updated and current.  The following is a great resource for lesson plan development.  Click here

Do Not Photo List Middle School 6 - 8

Eva Grbavac - 6th grade

Regarding Lunch and Recess Duty

During Recess Duty please make sure all posts are covered.  It is important we maintain 100% supervision coverage of our students.

As Lunch Rotation continues, please remember to be positioned at key locations i.e milk & lunch line.  Remember full supervision is expected for the entire time.  Make sure to get the students quiet using voice level 0 and dismiss by tables.


Detentions start this week.  Please note that every time you write a detention you must email the parent and student as well as cc’ myself.  You will then need to put the detention slip into Kathy Moore’s mailbox. The student is given the yellow copy and the white copy is the office copy.  They must be put in Kathy’s mailbox by 3:30pm that say, in order for the detention to be served the following day.  All behavioral detentions are served in the Art Room during MS Recess and Lunch (depending if it is a 30 min or 60 min). Tardy detentions are served in the morning.