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Middle School Notes

Dear St. Benedict Teachers & Staff,

Thank you all for a wonderful first week back from break. On Saturday, a team met to work on the foundational documents of the school. We are in the midst of exciting times.  Our future has never been brighter!  This week is Respect Week which will end the week with a special prayer service.  Progress Reports are due on Wednesday, please see my comments and notes below.  I invite you to come on out for Pajama Jam 3, it is a fun night of music, treats and drinks.  Please check out the MS Basketball Schedule for the rest of the season, come out and support our lovely Bengals! Hope to see you there! 

Many blessings!

Mary Deletioglu, Head of Middle School

Important Dates:

  • Monday, January 15th - No School: Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Day
  • Week of January 14th - Respect Life Week
  • Tuesday, January 16th - 8th grade Graduation Picture, Advisory, Agora
  • Tuesday, January 16th  - PD Time: Work on Progress Reports, @ 3:30 Gemo Time - Catholic Schools Week
  • Wednesday, January 17th - Progress Reports Due
  • Friday, January 19th - Respect Life Week Prayer Service
  • Saturday, January 20th - Pajama Jam 3 - Staff and Teachers can attend for free 
  • Thursday, January 25th - Parent Teacher Conferences 
  • Friday, January 26th - No School - Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Sunday, January 28th - Mass @ 10:30 am (all faculty to attend) followed by Open House
  • Week of January 28th - Catholic Schools Week 
  • Monday, January 29th - House Spirit Wear, Crazy hair, and/or socks (NO hats)
  • Tuesday, January 30th - Dress Like a Teacher
  • Wednesday, January 31st - Dress Uniforms - All School Mass
  • Thursday, February 1st - Dress in Red, White, and Blue or your National Pride - Door Decorating Contest
  • Friday, February 2nd - Dress in Maroon and Gold Spirit Wear & House Rockin Lockin'
  • Saturday, March 3rd - Dave the Date: Gala 2018   

In this Issue:

  • Progress Reports (NEW)
  • Conference Resources (NEW)
  • PD Tuesday (NEW)
  • Pajama Jam (NEW)
  • Basketball Schedule (NEW) 
  • Teacher Grants (NEW)
  • Catholic Schools Week, Sunday Mass, Open House
  • ID Replacement
  • Lesson Plans
  • Do Not Photo List
  • Lunch and Recess Duty
  • Detentions

January  28-February 2

This google doc contains internal directions for your review. Please click here for a list of the week's activities.

Please click here for the google doc that you can copy and paste into your newletters! 

A little Inspiration for your Week 

Be the Change, click HERE  

Progress Report Notes

1) I have included in the January Conference blast the following bullet point: 

Parents of middle school students may need to see more than one teacher. If your child is having a special difficulty with one subject, you might want to have a conference with that particular teacher first. Unfortunately there is not enough time for every parent to meet with every teacher!

2) Comments are to be made only for students with C or lower.

3) If you are a teacher of Anna Novicki, I would like comments provided from each of her teachers.

4) Having trouble with what to write in your comments, Click HERE for some Ready to Use Comments

5) Click HERE, on how to Load Progress Reports on Renweb

6) Progress Reports are due Wednesday, January 17th.

Conference Resources 

The following documents will help prepare you for conferences so that they are successful. 

Please use the Parent Teacher Conference Form as a tool.  It isn't a requirement but may be great to document or prepare for those conferences that may be difficult. 

Please email your HOS if you have some conferences you'd like us to be around for.  

Conference Teacher Guide, click HERE

Parent Teacher Conference Form, click HERE

PD Tuesday

We will touch base for 10 minutes at 2:30pm in Rm 331. At 2:40pm, I will meet with MS for 10 minutes to know the topic of the grant proposals. At 3:30pm, we have Gemo Time and will meet in Kittler to discuss Catholic Schools Week. 

Pajama Jam 3

You are cordially invited to come on out for a fun night that supports our athletic program. Each year, the SBPS Athletic Association hosts a very fun event where the proceeds are used to help fund the ES athletic program, often making enhancements to the gym. In the past years, we have funded new bleachers, new mats, new scoreboards and more. There is LIVE BAND KARAOKE and the cover is $20. Drinks are also covered as well! However, faculty and staff may get in free. Also, we are looking for volunteers to help out for the evening - bartending, selling tickets and more. If you would like to help out a bit, sing a bit and have a bit of fun, come out and hang with us. It is certainly a sight and sound to behold. 

Click HERE, to sign-up for volunteering

Hope to see you there! 

MS Basketball Schedule 

Amanda has created a master schedule for the rest of the season. 6th grade plays on Saturdays while 7th/8th play on Sundays with some weekday games. Please come out and support our Bengals.  For the schedule, click HERE

Teacher Grant Proposals:

I am available before school on Wednesday & Thursday as well as during Tuesday PD before Gemo Time to meet to discuss your grants.  Please let me know. 

Here is the link for the Teacher Grant Proposal Form, it is due Jan. 26th:

https://goo.gl/forms/ WwV0XuCFyCFNPK1J3

Reminder about Catholic Schools Week Sunday Mass and Open House

This is just a reminder that Catholic Schools Week begins Sunday, January 28th and ends Saturday, February 3rd. We have an open house for PK-8 on Sunday following the 10:30AM mass. All faculty needs to attend the 10:30AM mass and then help out at the open house from 11:30am to 1PM. Your Head of School will give you more information about how the open house will look/go for early childhood, grades 1-5 and middle school. Please make sure you have this date on your calendars. We appreciate all of you being a part of this celebration and exposition. 

Addendum to the Technology Acceptable Use Policy Effective October 19, 2017

Under "Unacceptable Uses of the St. Benedict Parish & Preparatory School Network" the following item was added:

The following are unacceptable uses of the SBPPS network:

  • The school uses a web proxy and content filter both on campus and on the cloud. Any attempt to bypass these services in any fashion is strictly prohibited.

Any student or employee to attempts to bypass the school security services will face disciplinary consequences.

ID Replacement 

If a student needs a replacement of ID, lanyard or sleeve, the prices are as follows:

Sleeve - $2

Lanyard - $8

ID - $5

Lesson Plans

I will continue to be checking them and commenting on them as well as your materials.  Please make sure you keep your folders updated and current.  The following is a great resource for lesson plan development.  Click here

Do Not Photo List Middle School 6 - 8

Eva Grbavac - 6th grade

Regarding Lunch and Recess Duty

During Recess Duty please make sure all posts are covered.  It is important we maintain 100% supervision coverage of our students.

As Lunch Rotation continues, please remember to be positioned at key locations i.e milk & lunch line.  Remember full supervision is expected for the entire time.  Make sure to get the students quiet using voice level 0 and dismiss by tables.


Detentions start this week.  Please note that every time you write a detention you must email the parent and student as well as cc’ myself.  You will then need to put the detention slip into Kathy Moore’s mailbox. The student is given the yellow copy and the white copy is the office copy.  They must be put in Kathy’s mailbox by 3:30pm that say, in order for the detention to be served the following day.  All behavioral detentions are served in the Art Room during MS Recess and Lunch (depending if it is a 30 min or 60 min). Tardy detentions are served in the morning.