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Middle School Notes


Dear St. Benedict Teachers & Staff,

Fun Run came in full force this week.   We have embarked on Castle Quest and uncovered the skills of Focus and Self-Awareness.  I appreciate your energy, preparation and excitement that you are bringing to our Quest. You are making it a fun and memorable experience for all.  Tomorrow is Comfy Cozy day, so please join in on the fun.  No spaghetti straps, short shorts or leggings without a long tunic top. I do hope that you were able to stop at the HSA Baby Garage as well as Catechetical Mass this weekend.  Looking ahead we have Agora this Tuesday and the Fun Run this Friday. We are also kicking off our SOUPer Stadium Challenge.  I welcome you all to come join me with your flags at dismissal to dance with the FUN RUN Boosterthon Team. I’d like to share the dance party I am having with you.  Next week, we have our first prayer buddies activity as well as progress reports. Please make sure to update your grades by Sunday evening. Go Bengals!

Thank you for all that you do,

Mary Deletioglu

Important Dates:

  • Tuesday, September 19th - AGORA Today
  • Friday, September 22nd - FUN RUN
  • Tuesday, September 26th - First Prayer Buddy Day
  • Thursday, September 28th - Progress Reports Due
  • Friday, September 29th- No School Professional Development Day

In this Issue:

  • Food for Thought - What Do Teachers Do?
  • Fun Run Friday- Plan & Schedule (NEW)
  • ID Replacement (New)
  • SOUPer Challenge (New)
  •  Lesson Plans
  • Teacher Accommodations (NEW)
  • Professional Development Tuesday (NEW)
  • Teacher Time Friday Morning (NEW)
  • Prayer Buddy Pairings 
  • Fun Run
  • Loyola Observers
  • Do Not Photo List
  • Lunch and Recess Duty
  • Detentions


Food for Thought

What Do Teachers Do?

Need a little motivation click here   

(I promise you this is worth your time! She slays!)

Fun Run Friday - Special Middle School Game Plan & Schedule

In order to make the best use of our time and provide the students with a fun and educational day on Fun Run Day (Friday, September 22nd) the decision was made to not have classes as usual. Instead, we will be rotating mixed grade groups in the morning through different integrated activities.

We have paired up teachers in a way to create opportunity for some unique explorations/ activities.
Each rotation will last 30 minutes (25 minutes for activity and 5 for cleanup/ moving to next spot), and you should use the same activity for all the rotations.
Integration Stations:
Religion & Spanish (Andy & Erico)
Science & Language Arts (Karen & Haley)
History & Math (David & Zora)
Religion & Art (Roland & Mary Jo)
Technology & Math (Jean & Mary D)
Fitness & French (Amanda & Adriana)
We will have 5 groups of students, with about 29 students in each group.
You will do your activity 5 different times and have one rotation off.
Each group will have students of all 3 grade levels mixed in. It is our hope that your activity will get students in different grades working together and bringing their own unique skills to the activity.
We will share out a list of groups and rotation schedule by Wednesday.

What we need from you right now:
Start talking with your partner for the day about possible ideas for an activity that brings your two subjects together.
Explore different possible activities. If you need some suggestions/ advise, please feel free to reach out to me.
Choose an activity by 4pm on Tuesday and share it with me (Mary D).
Talk to me about your ideal space (please try to stay within buildings 2 and 3 on the 3rd floor, if possible).
Be ready to have fun and take/ share a lot of pictures and videos of the wonderful activities happening in your spaces.

Middle School Schedule

(30 min. sessions- 25 activity and 5 transitions- includes break for teachers)

Religion & Spanish (Andy & Erico)
Science & Language Arts (Karen & Haley)
History & Math (David & Zora)
Religion & Art (Roland & Mary Jo)
Technology & Math (Jean & Mary D)
Fitness & French (Amanda & Adriana)
8:00-8:15- Homeroom
8:15-8:45- rotation 1
8:45-9:15- rotation 2
9:15-9:45- rotation 3
9:45-10:15- rotation 4
10:15-10:45- rotation 5
10:45-11:15- rotation 6

11:15-11:45- Lunch
11:45-1:30- Movie afternoon (We will have a variety of movies playing in MS homerooms- schedule to come.)
1:45-2:45- Fun Run!
2:45-3:15- More movie time (if time permits and we are not cleaning up a Color Run :))

ID Replacement 

If a student needs a replacement of ID, lanyard or sleeve, the prices are as follows:

Sleeve - $2

Lanyard - $8

ID - $5

SOUPer Stadium Food Drive

You may remember that the Archdiocese of Chicago is asking every student to bring in ONE non-perishable food item to stock the Catholic Charities Chicago Food Banks. This would basically put two food items in each chair in Soldiers Field. Please have your students bring in a food item NEXT TUESDAY as part of the FUN RUN evening challenge to your homerooms.

Lesson Plans

I will continue to be checking them and commenting on them as well as your materials.  Please make sure you keep your folders updated and current.  The following is a great resource for lesson plan development.  Click here

Testing Accommodations

This week we welcome Kathleen Deehan to our staff.  Many of you met her as I gave her a tour on Friday.  She will be taking the week to get acclimated.  In the meantime, I appreciate your generosity and teamwork to help each other out.  We will need your assistance for one more week.  Please review your plans and make note of all the students that need testing accommodations.  The following are the teachers you can reach out to for testing in a quiet, separate space.  You must email the teacher at least 2 days in advance so that they can plan accordingly.  

1st period - Dave

2nd period - Karen & Erico (Thursdays and Fridays Only)

3rd period - Haley, Zora & Erico

5th period - Andy

6th period - Roland and Maggie

Professional Development Tuesday

GEMO TIME 3:15-3:50. We will meet in 332 for a touch base.  After we will go over/review the RtI process and procedures.

Teacher Time Friday Morning

Nothing is planned on my end, use it as you would like.

Prayer Buddy Pairings for 2017-18

PK - Blazek 137 - Morgen

PK - Elliott 135 - Voynovich

PK -Granitz 134 - Rosskamm

PK -Hayes 133 - Mocarski

PK - Gelfand 132 - Ramirez

PK- Christy 131 - Deady

PK - Langren 111 - Baker

PK- Kattner 113 - Galus

PK- Pikulski 114- Martino

K Tarris &   6 Heaton-Walsh & 6 McQuade  

K O’Daniel &  6 Heaton-Walsh & 6 McQuade

K Kelley &   6 Heaton-Walsh & 6 McQuade

Fun Run 

Fun Run is Friday September 22nd

  • Middle School - 1:45-2:45

Loyola Observers

Please welcome our Loyola Observers, for the schedule click here

Do Not Photo List Middle School 6 - 8

Eva Grbavac - 6th grade

Regarding Lunch and Recess Duty

During Recess Duty please make sure all posts are covered.  It is important we maintain 100% supervision coverage of our students.

As Lunch Rotation continues, please remember to be positioned at key locations i.e milk & lunch line.  Remember full supervision is expected for the entire time.  Make sure to get the students quiet using voice level 0 and dismiss by tables.


Detentions start this week.  Please note that every time you write a detention you must email the parent and student as well as cc’ myself.  You will then need to put the detention slip into Kathy Moore’s mailbox. The student is given the yellow copy and the white copy is the office copy.  They must be put in Kathy’s mailbox by 3:30pm that say, in order for the detention to be served the following day.  All behavioral detentions are served in the Art Room during MS Recess and Lunch (depending if it is a 30 min or 60 min). Tardy detentions are served in the morning.