The Buzz: St. Benedict Preparatory School Online Weekly Newsletter

Dear Middle School Families,

We have a little over one month left of school! We have a lot let to celebrate and a lot left to accomplish.   Next Friday, we have no school due to teacher professional development day. 6th and 7th grade families, please turn in your permission slips by next Thursday for our Fun Run Integration Day.  Our Integration day is Tuesday May 15th, the same day the 8th graders will be honored at the 8th grade ribbon mass. Please join us at 8:30 am.  Our 6th and 7th grade students will depart after 8th grade ribbon mass.  Make sure that you pack a lunch for your child.  If you have the chance, stop by the Art Fair this Sunday that will be in the lower level of the church from 8:30 am to 1pm .  With warmer weather finally upon us, students can wear their khaki shorts now. Wishing you and your families a blessed week!

In case you missed it, the following is our new mission statement: 

St. Benedict Preparatory School continues a century-long tradition of superior education in a vibrant Catholic community. We recognize that each student’s God-given gifts hold unique value, potential, and dignity. Our city block campus offers preschool through grade 8 programs to the parish, the Northside of Chicago, and all those who share our mission. With a focus on critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration, the St. Benedict Parish faculty and staff, in partnership with parents, develop the creators and contributors of tomorrow inspired by faith and informed with a global perspective. We are a welcoming and supportive community with Christ at our center. A commitment to inclusive and rigorous challenge creates a dynamic, innovative, and active learning experience in which the needs of the whole student are met. At St. Benedict Preparatory School, the strengths of each child become an inspiration to others to learn fearlessly, to lead responsibly, and to serve joyfully.


Best always, 

Ms. Deletioglu - Head of Middle School

Save the Dates

  • Friday, May 11th - No School PD Day 
  • Tuesday, May 15th - 6th and 7th grade Integration Day (MS)
  • Tuesday, May 15th - 8th Grade Ribbon Mass in Church (MS)
  • Thursday, May 24tth - NJHS Induction Ceremony in the Library (MS)
  • Friday, May 18th - International Fair in Beaven (MS & HS) & MS Spring Fling @ 6:30 - 9pm 
  • Wednesday, May 23rd - Secondary Spring Concert in Secondary Gym (MS & HS)
  • Friday, May 25th - Final House Pep Rally in Secondary Gym (MS & HS)
  • Tuesday, May 29th - 8th Grade Dinner Dance at La Villa @ 7pm (MS)
  • Thursday, June 7th - Field Day at Revere Park

In this Issue:  

  • Spring Fling-May 18th
  • Interested in St. Ignatius (NEW)
  • Learn How to Code Camp (NEW)
  • In Case you missed the Java PP
  • Agora Blogs
  • NJHS (NEW)
  • Dignity Revolution
  • Letter of Recommendation Request
  • Middle School Yearbook
  • ChessMates
  • ID Replacement
  • Morning Breakfast
  • Middle School Clubs and Organizations
  • A Special Note about Out of Uniform Days
  • Middle School Aftercare
  • Teacher Time Fridays
  • 3Point Athletic Day Off Sports Camp

All School and Parish 8th Graders Invited to Youth Ministry Reception after the 5PM Mass, May 19th 

Youth Ministry is hosting a reception immediately following 5 PM Mass on Saturday, May 19. Please sign up so we know how much food to order! We hope to see you there. Sign up Genius:

2018 Middle School Student Council You’re invited to the... Spring Fling

Friday, May 18, 2018
St. Benedict Preparatory School, Beaven Hall

  • Chaperones: Ms. Voynovich, Mr. McQuade, Mr. Ramirez, Mr. Morgen, Mr. Galus, Dr. Heaton-Walsh, and Ms. Hybinette.  Appropriate dress attire: Spring Dressy Casual
  • Students will need to be picked up by a parent or have a prearranged pick up by another parent.
  • Permission Slips are due Wednesday, May 16, 2018
  • Students must be picked up promptly at 8:30.

Interested in St. Ignatius High School? Click here to learn more about their campus visit day program!


Learn How to Code from Top Computer Scientists!

The Coding School, a national 501c3 organization, is offering a one-of-a-kind summer opportunity for middle and high school students to receive one-on-one coding instruction and mentorship from top computer scientists, working at companies like SpaceX, Google, and  Facebook, and studying at elite universities, such as MIT, Harvard, and Stanford. Students will receive personalized lessons based on their interests and learn in-depth knowledge in cutting-edge CS fields, from cybersecurity, machine learning, game development, mobile app development, and web design. Moreover, because of our online platform, students can connect with these top computer scientists from anywhere in the world.

Our program is ideal for students who are seeking:

·       The competitive edge in the college application process

·       Mentorship from top computer scientists

·       To create cutting edge tech projects in a range of fields

·       Personalized help with AP CS

For more information about our Summer 2018 program, please go to: or email us at

In Case You Missed Java 

For the presentation, click here


Candidate forms for membership consideration were distributed at the informational meeting on Tuesday. Completed forms are due to Ms. Voynovich by 3:30pm on Friday, May 4th.  This is a firm deadline - no exceptions.

Information from the Office of Catholic Schools: Applying for a Tax Credit Scholarship:

The links below will have the latest up to date information regarding the tax credit scholarships.
To learn more about the applying for a tax credit scholarship, including frequently asked questions and scholarship eligibility, click here.

For additional information, please see the Donating to a Tax Credit ScholarshipApplying for a Tax Credit ScholarshipFrequently Asked QuestionsTax Credit Scholarship Eligibility, and More Information pages.

Dignity Revolution: How to Talk to Little Kids about Bullying Behaviors (Article by the Catholic Identity Committee of the SBPS Advisory Board) 

The Dignity Revolution promotes the idea that every person has purpose and value.  This is a lesson best taught early and reinforced often by parents, teachers and clergy.  The most effective anti-bullying campaign starts in pre-school and involves the entire school community.  Parents are, of course, their child’s first and most important source of values training.  If values taught at school and in church are not supported at home, the child, especially the young child, can stray into behaviors promoted by individual peers or the group that are not in keeping with the promotion of dignity for all.

Bullying behaviors often emerge in early childhood.  Every important adult in the child’s life plays a crucial role in whether the bullying becomes worse or stops.  Many people are surprised to discover that bullying takes place in pre-school and kindergarten.  Parents and any adult in the child’s social circle should be aware that bullying exists among young children. Once it is acknowledged and recognized, it can be more easily prevented.  Some of the ways to prevent and even stop bullying in early childhood are:

  • Understand how bullying develops in early childhood
  • Use activities to help children develop the social skills to prevent and stop bullying
  • Learn how to take advantage of teachable moments
  • Develop an action plan for intervention

If bullying in early childhood is overlooked or dismissed, younger children who bully will most likely continue in this behavior.  Children, who are bullied, may continue to suffer and even take on the identity of a permanent victim.  If the behavior is not addressed, the patterns of bullying and victimization can continue through adolescence and adulthood.  The good news is that bullying is preventable and educators are prepared, but need back up from parents in the home.

Bullying behavior in young children often looks different from bullying among older children. It is important to recognize these more subtle behaviors and address them immediately. Young children may make “mean faces”, grab objects away from others and refuse to play with certain children.  Although these behaviors in preschool age children are not done with the intent of hurting another, if allowed to continue, can lead to a pattern of bullying.  Early intervention is the best strategy in the prevention of future bullying.

The act of bullying is meant to strip another of their dignity and value.  The earlier our children are taught to reject bullying and victimization, the more likely they will be to embrace the teachings of love, acceptance, inclusion and dignity for all.

Letter of Recommendation Requests

In regards to letters of recommendation, requests must be made via email at least three weeks in advance if not more of the date that they are needed.  Once, the recommendation request is made, the student needs to email the teacher a list of all extra-curricular activities, service, awards and honors from 6th, 7th and 8th grade. Make sure to include the month and year that these events occurred as well as the details for the letter of recommendation from the application from the school. 

Chess Mates


 The Chess Mates meet every Thursday morning in Mr. Ramírez’s room at 7:00. We know it’s very early and can be difficult to get uniforms ready, eat breakfast, and drive to school all before 7:00 AM; thus, we provide breakfast cereal options to all returning members. T-shirt order forms are coming. If your student is a Chess Mate, look out for an email soon! If you have questions, please email Mr. McQuade ( or Mr. Ramírez (

ID Replacement

If a student needs a replacement of ID, lanyard or sleeve, the prices are as follows:

Sleeve - $2

Lanyard - $8

ID - $5

Middle School Clubs & Organizations

If you would like to know what clubs are being offered for your child, click here

Middle School Breakfast

Middle School Students who like to have breakfast at St. Ben's are allowed to be sent up to the cafeteria at 7:30 am.

Middle School Aftercare Now open to all students in grades 6-8!

Middle School Extended Care is back with some exciting changes this school year! In order to best support the many diverse needs of the middle school students while managing a greater level of independence and responsibility, we have organized the afternoon in a way that allows a balance between school work, peer interactions, and free time.

All students in grades 6-8 who stay at school past 3:30PM will be required to attend the middle school extended care in rooms 335/ 337 (FLEX space). Students in the 6-8 extended care will have the opportunity to work on their homework, receive studying help from teachers, play games with peers, as well as enjoy open free time.  ***Students sign up the day of at aftercare and then the tuition office will charge your account.  

  • Middle School Extended Care will be located in Rooms 335/ 337 (FLEX space).
  • A teacher will be present to help with homework and supervise.
  • Cost is $15 per day/ $25 for 2 children.
  • 3:15-6:00PM Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • 2:15-6:00PM Tuesday
  • Enter through 3911 N. Bell for pick up and check in with desk and sign out. Your child will be called to come down.
  • Snacks will NOT be provided. Your child may bring a snack or purchase a snack from the vending machines.
  • It is your child’s responsibility to check in within 10 minutes after dismissal.
  • Students must remain in the extended care room until they are picked up or a parent communicates with the teacher on duty that their child may head to practice or walk home.
  • Parents MUST grant permission each day for their child to walk home alone or to a sport game/practice and specify the time they should leave.
  • Students not picked up by 6:00 PM will incur a $1/minute fine.
  • Students not picked up by 6:30PM will not be allowed to attend for a period of 2 weeks.
  • Students waiting for a band lesson after school may wait in aftercare until 3:50PM without being charged. 
  • The tuition office (Mr. Ben Mazzone) will charge your account for aftercare dates attended.

 ***The Secondary Cafeteria is no longer available after school.  All middle school students who are staying are to stay in Middle School Extended Care.

If an unforeseen circumstance comes about and you need to direct your child to head to aftercare, please contact the school office, 773-539-0066, and alert us of the situation.

Should you have any questions, please contact Ms. Mary Deletioglu, Head of Middle School, at  Thank You!

Teacher Time Fridays Mornings

New this year is Teacher Time Fridays for teachers in Middle School and High School.  This means that teachers will not be seeing any students before school for tutoring, reassessments or tutoring Friday Mornings this year.  This does not alter the normal arrival times.  This is only for students that plan to come in "early" to see the teacher.   This time is dedicated to teacher collaboration and innovation.  Thanks for your support!

Day Off of School? What to Do? Don't Worry - We host 3Point Athletic Day Off Sports Camps! 

If you need options for what to do with your school-age children on the days off of school (for holidays, professional development, conferences, etc), don't worry. We are fortunate to be able to offer 3Point Athletic Camps for boys and girls grades 1-8. Registration information will be forthcoming. For now, please keep these dates in mind. Camps run from 9AM to 3PM. 

Friday, May 11th (Professional Development Day)