Intro to Tap (Dance I)

Course Description: This course is taken for one trimester and can be taken more than once.  Upon completion of the course, with a passing grade, students will earn ½ Fine Art or Physical Education credit.

Syllabus: Click here 

Course Outcomes

  • Know basic (tap) dance vocabulary.
  • Understand how works of art are produced through creating and performing.
  • Learn to recognize dancing as a form of exercise.
  • Make connections between dance and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Explore how our senses aid us in dancing.
  • Investigate how current events can influence the art of Dance.
  • Know, understand, and follow proper dance class etiquette.
  •  Learn about dance-related professions and about life beyond dance.
  •  Connect dance as a cultural, historical, and social form.
  •  Learn how to generate dance movements from personal inspiration.
  •  Learn how to respond to the works of others, as well as to improve personal performance.   

Course Materials:

  1. dance bag (to be kept in the studio)
  2. required contents of dance bag should include:  water bottle, deodorant, hair ties, brush, bobby pins, hair spray, personal sanitary items, and dance attire
  3. tap shoes (should be purchased directly from instructor) - all opportunities will be made to issue your student used tap shoes rather than purchasing new
  4. plain black leggings, yoga pants, or spandex shorts with a plain white shirt (females)
  5. plain black jogging pants or shorts with a plain white shirt (males) OR the SBPS issued PE uniform (female and male)