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  • The Pope Video Project 
  • Flocabulary  
  • Inclusion Roles for 2016
  • Teacher Trunk Program 
  • Holocaust Museum Resources
  • How to Save Lesson Plans 
  • Momentum Magazine 
  • Catholic Teacher Online Link 

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Liturgy Training Webinars for Elementary School Teachers

During the week of August 14 – 18, the Office of Catholic Schools, in collaboration with the Office for Divine Worship, is offering liturgical planning webinars for principals and teachers regarding creative ways to engage faculty, staff, and students in the Opening School Mass or Prayer Service. Additionally, the webinars will explore a variety of opportunities to celebrate our sacramental faith at the beginning of the school year. This is the first in a series of webinars that will invite the school community to plan prayerful experiences steeped in the liturgical season of the year, especially Advent and Lent. We will provide further information regarding the exact dates and times of the webinars in upcoming Principals Updates.

RenWeb Parent Conference Tool - directions for all PK-12(click)  

The Pope Video Project 

Link http://thepopevideo.org/  

Every month the Pope sends out a prayer video on a timely topic. The images are beautiful. It's certainly a great way to pray, meditate and discuss with children. 


Everyone needs to renew your class sign in for FLOCABULARY - there is something for all ages and subject matter. Use this wonderful resource to bring current events and other subjects into your teaching. It's a great resource for integrating multiple intelligences into your classroom lessons. 

All of your students can also access Flocabulary. You can create classes, and share the class code with your students. Then, you can assign them videos and assessments. The best way to begin is by browsing their songs and videos. You'll find content across the curriculum for grades K-12. Flocabulary is flexible and easy to implement. Learn more about how it works.

Here is the link


Helpful Things to Put in Your Sub Lesson Plans - Please Do This if You are Not Already doing So 

I'd like to give a shout out to Emily McGuinn who prepares her subs in important ways. I'm copying the intro to her plans here below. Please prepare something like this for your sub plans. You will just need to adapt to your own class location. Having our sub teachers prepared to act in an emergency may help save lives in the event that we have a real situation. Thanks! Please see below for the example. 

Sub Plan Friday, February 10th, 2017

Thanks for working in my classroom today. I will be out of the building. Please see another third grade teacher if you have any questions.

Please note the following phone extensions:

Heather Perez- School Nurse ex.  2330

Carol Dodovich- Secretary- ex. 1180

My classroom, Room 313 is ex. 3130

Lock down procedure- “Lock down, lock down, lockdown” will be announced on loud speaker. Close locked door. Hide in closet. No talking at this time

Fire exit – exit north stair case to courtyard toward Irving Park to Leavitt

Severe weather- North stairs, building 1 basement

Behavior System: Students can move their clips up on the rainbow chart. They move up if they are following directions, doing what they need to do etc. If they make a poor choice, they can move their clips down. Please remind students that even if they move down, they have the privilege to move their clip back up.

Inclusion Roles for 2016 

Inclusion Roles and Responsibilities List

Heads of School

1) Ensure that the timeline benchmarks are being met (see below for time line and benchmarks


2) Be present at critical meetings when the IF asks

3) Supervise, direct,support and guide the IF; Meet with IF once a week for a touch base meeting

4) Communicate to IF new students with service plans (incoming)

5) Ensure that admissions numbers/inclusion threshold numbers are being followed to the best of their ability (work with admissions person)

6) Guide, monitor, supervise, etc. general education teachers to ensure that an inclusion mindset/culture/classroom is being implemented as best as possible.

7) Problem solve behavior issues with all students (this is not the IF's responsibility)

8) Work with IC and IF to determine any PD needed and schedule accordingly

9) Ensure the RTI process and committee is working. Be present at ALL RTI meetings.



Kristi Enriquez at Inclusion Coordinator (reports to RG in this role)

1) Ensure the consistency of the PK-12 Inclusion Culture  

2) Ensure all students with student service plans are receiving support to the best that we can at SBPS

3) Ensure all outside service providers are providing appropriate services as well as be the initial contact when services are scheduled/set up. Then will be handed of to the respective IF.

4) Plan and lead all weekly inclusion meetings

5) Provide support and mentoring to the IF’s as needed with all aspects of their role

6) Communicate concerns/issues to the appropriate HOS w/regard to the inclusion efforts

Inclusion Facilitator - GENERAL ROLES

Kristi’s Role (reports to Nancy Feely in this role)


Katherine’s Role (Reports to Rachel Waldron)


Helen’s Role (Reports to Erika Mickelburgh)


Teaching Trunk Program – Illinois Holocaust Museum

Is your school looking for innovative, age-appropriate ways to teach about the Holocaust, human rights and virtue education? The Teaching Trunk Program, sponsored by the Illinois Holocaust Museum, offers a variety of lessons and resources to address these important topics. Click on this link to learn more about this program and other programs offered by the Illinois Holocaust Museum.

Momentum Magazine:  National Catholic Education Publication 

Want to learn what Catholic schools, administrators, teachers and communities are doing around the nation to improve and grow their schools, please click on this link for the electronic copy of their magazine. 


How Do I Save My Lesson Plans?

Early Childhood and Elementary School teachers:

  • format: Date (Monday of the week)_Subject_grade or preschool: Date_Theme_grade
  • What it looks like: 9_28_15_Math_1  OR 9_28_15_Apples_PS

Secondary School:

  • format: Date (Monday of the week)_class/course name_last name
  • What it looks like: 9_28_15_weighttraining_Hilty

More questions??  See Rachel Waldron

Teacher Resources for All Teachers - at Today's Catholic Teacher Online Subscription 

You’ll find these popular features in each digital edition

  • New teaching strategies in major curriculum areas including reading, math, social studies, and science.
  • New teaching strategies in major curriculum areas including reading, math, social studies, and science.
  • Great Ideas helps you to network and learn about what other Catholic schools are doing in their classrooms.
  • Technology in the Classroom articles bring you up to speed on the latest developments - written in laymen's language!
  • Reproducible Activities (2 per issue) to help reinforce the Catholic faith. Perfect for classroom use!
  • Letters to Parents – in English and Spanish – provide a quick and easy classroom-to-home connection!
  • Reproducible Prayer Services help you celebrate important events and feast days with your students.
  • Month of Sundays provides all you need to prepare students for the Sunday assembly.
  • Plus each issue is filled with new teaching ideas and other resources to help you in your education ministry.

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