Course Description:  This course is designed to expand and challenge students’ existing ideas and beliefs about government, power, authority, foreign policy, and the law. Through this course students will explore the foundations of the American politics and government, analyze the principles and values embedded in the United States Constitution, interpret American values, identify the roles of citizens in an American democracy, and critique the relationship of the United States with other nations abroad. The course will strive to improve students’ reading, writing, and critical thinking skills through analysis of current events, open discussion, writing assignments, and effective note taking.

Syllabus: Click here

Course Outcomes:

  • See themselves as participants in the democratic process and American life
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the foundational ideas of constitution government in the United States
  • Demonstrate an understanding of key components of the United States Constitution
  • Engage in informed discussion about current events as related to civic life, politics, economics, and government
  • Interpret the role of citizens and meaning of citizenship in our American democracy
  • Demonstrate the balance of power in American democratic government
  • Identify the effect that international relations and domestic affairs have on each other, on the citizens of the United States, and the world