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Elementary Notes

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  • Teacher Weekly link (click here) 
  • Applause!  Applause! 
  • Know Who Your Room Reps are CLICK HERE 
  • Tuesday's Professional Development Time Schedule
  • Inform parents now if their children are at risk of receiving an unsatisfactory grade  
  • Please use updated Permission Slips for Field Trips
  • Most other things you need are in Gemo's notes 

Applause!  Applause!  

Thank you to all for your professionalism while I was out of town this past week - I really appreciate it! 

Thanks to the first and second grade teachers, Phil and Jackie for conducting the MAP assessments. 

Thanks to the Faculty Life committee for organizing the Potluck Soup Lunch on Friday! 

Thanks to the members of the Advent committee for preparing this year's activities. 
Thanks to the Liturgy committee for preparing the Thanksgiving Mass on Tuesday! 

Thank you for all your great planning for CHAMPS integration day. I really look forward to seeing everything come together. 

Tuesday's Professional Development Planning Time 

 Upcoming PD Days - 

November 21st - Advent Activities and Christmas Show Directions 

November 28th - Report Card Work Time

MAP Assessment this Week for Grades 1 & 2 


Directions from Jackie Farley - Jackie will be working from home this week. Please text her with issues on the other days. 

Please Use Updated Field Trip Permission Form Starting Now 

I've updated the Field Trip Permission Form. Please use this one (it is also on the Quick Links Page) CLICK HERE

Discard the old one. Thanks!  Also, when RG okays the field trip application, I'm going to hand directly to Christa to process unless there is a problem. So please make/keep a copy for yourself.