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Elementary Notes

Table of Contents

  • Teacher Weekly link
  • Reminders for this week
  • Shout Outs!
  • End of Year Checklist documents - NEW (WTW levels link)
  • Evaluation Feedback meetings
  • Executive Functioning check-in
  • Summer Tutoring - New info added. pls read if tutoring at school this summer
  • Faculty Baptisms & Birthdays
  • Clubs - UPDATED 4/17 about payments

Teacher Weekly

CLICK HERE for the Teacher Weekly document for the week of June 12th.  Please note...I think Monday is pizza and Tuesday is sandwiches for lunch.

Reminders for this week

  • Friday is 8th grade Graduation Mass (mandatory date for teachers) - 7pm 8th grade Mass & Graduation – dress up
  • The sign-up for check out times is on my door.


Let's Give a SHOUT OUT to...

  • summer!

End of Year check list documents

Checklist (click here) & packet (click here) (print outthe pages you need.)

Class List format

ACCOMMODATION sheets (for students that have interventions or accommodations you use, but don’t have a plan)

Consumable  Text books & Hardcover textbooks (and teacher manual) document links



WTW Words Their Way document (enter levels for spring)  

SCHOOL SUPPLY List (team leads have editing access) CLICK HERE to view - see first tab for directions

Professional Development Tracker for 2016-17

Executive Functioning check-in

The H S A is presenting a parent workshop on Thursday, December 8th about Executive Functioning from Rush, the same presenters we had here in August.  Please feel free to express to parents how important the topic is!

Also, see the refresher on what we agreed we would focus on this year….are we keeping up?  If not, start implementing now!

ALL (Elem):

  • Codes for homework/planners
  • Check student planners (or homework trackers) at the end of the day, until you have data to back you up that students are consistently and correctly writing down the assignments
  • TEACH organization
  • TASK Analysis

By level:

  • CHAMPS – post-it note with homework listed passed on to classroom teacher to write on assignment board
  • 1ST GRADE – material management, homework tracker, task analysis (link to portfolio goals)
  • 2nd GRADE – interactive note-taking, CUCC, test/assessment (color)
  • 3rd GRADE – study strategies, planner, CUCC (math word problems, written response)
  • 4th GRADE – DO-NOW 5/5, label folders/cleaning out folders, assignment notebook modeling
  • 5th GRADE – note taking strategies, DO-NOW format, planner/folder/labels


Summer Tutoring - new info added

1) A third grade student is seeking a summer tutor for reading and writing. Contact Emily McGuinn for more info.

Tutoring over the summer

If you plan to tutor SBPS kids over the summer at the school, you will need to do a few things:

1)    Book the space in School Dude (be flexible if the space is being cleaned, etc.)

2)    Tell parents to pay you through SBPS (make a check out to SBPS, or cash goes to SBPS) and you will be issued a check through payroll with appropriate taxes taken out

3)    Let Nancy F and Carol know the time/day of your tutoring sessions

Faculty Birthdays & Baptisms - Info needed from you!

As discussed at the end of the school year, I would like to do something celebrating your Baptism date (or date of another important religious event of your life.)  (You don't have to give the year :), just the month and date.)  If you already answered with a date, please go in and add your birthday.