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Elementary Notes

Table of Contents

  • Applause!  Applause! 
  • Know Who Your Room Reps are CLICK HERE 
  • Please use updated Permission Slips for Field Trips
  • Most other things you need are in Gemo's notes 

Applause!  Applause!  

  • Thank you for a wonderful CHAMPS integration Day! 
  • Thanks to Roxy for bringing us Matt Wilhelm. He was fun to watch! 
  • Thanks to all those who made the end of year Mass a memorable one.
  • Thank  you for a great year! 

End of Year Sign Out with Christa O'Keefe 

Everyone needs to complete their end of year checklist and sign out with Christa O'Keefe. I have also heard there was a mad rush to get to the sign up and that there'd be knock-down fights over this (well, I know that's exaggerating a bit). So there are PLENTY of spaces for check out...it goes from Wednesday afternoon to Friday morning. Obviously, if you know you need a lot of time, then take the Friday slots. IF YOU CHOOSE TO GO THURSDAY MORNING DURING TRAINING...leave the training ONLY during that time...please do not dilly-dally...leave and get right back there. I did this so there would not be panic, so please honor this. If you have any questions, please let RG know. This is just for teachers of grades 1-5 who won't sign out with RW, MD or EM. Thanks! 


Teacher Week of Professional Development June 11-15th

Monday - 8AM to 3PM - lunch on your own

  • 8AM - 9AM - work on end of year checklist stuff or pack rooms 
  • 9AM to 10:45AM - ALL ES teachers grades 1-5 meet with Jackie Stancin's room with RG - please bring laptops
  • Topics: Supporting ES teachers and Time to revisit reflections from MAY PD 
  • 11AM -3PM More time to work on end of year items 
  • RG is meeting with Father Steve and team from 11-1 and HS teachers from 1-2PM

Tuesday - 8AM to 3PM  lunch on your own

  • 8AM to 1PM - work on end of year checklist stuff or pack rooms; team leads may determine meeting time needs (RG is meeting with secondary teachers from 8 -9AM) 
  • 1PM - 3PM  ALL ES teachers grades 1-5 meet with Jackie Stancin's room with RG - please bring laptops; 
  • Topics: Differentiation for higher achievers, Discipline,  Teacher Evaluations. Unit/lesson plans
  • Complete all GOOGLE DOC ITEMS by 7PM today please - do not use GOOGLE DOCS AFTER 7PM 

Wednesday June 13th - 8AM to 3PM - TUCKPOINTING BEGINS ON BUILDING ONE on the south end

  • 8AM- 11:30AM Office 365 Transition, productivity tools, etc ,  4-8th and HS  Room 335-37,  EC & Parish  Room 332; Elementary in room 331
  • 11:30-12 - Thanks/and such in the secondary school cafeteria 
  • 12PM - Lunch PIZZA (more than likely) 
  • 12:45 - 3PM   Complete end of year checklists (in Office 365 please) and team planning 

Thursday June 14th  8:15AM to 1:30PM

  • Heidenreich Hall - One Note training in assigned areas
  • All returning teachers - in respective grade level groups; non returning teachers can work on packing up and end of year check lists 
  • 8:30AM - 1:30 PM   ½ hour break for lunch - boxed lunch
  • 3:00 Trolley Departs from school

Friday June 15th  8AM to noon

  • Check out day
  • Amazing Race/Adventure with Adminstration
  • Exit interviews for staff who are leaving