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Elementary Notes

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  • Teacher Weekly link (click here) 
  • Applause!  Applause! 
  • Know Who Your Room Reps are CLICK HERE 
  • 3rd Grade Wax Museum Viewing Sign Up and Direction for Friday, May 4, 2018 (8:30am-11:15am)  
  • Please use updated Permission Slips for Field Trips
  • Most other things you need are in Gemo's notes 

Applause!  Applause!  

  • Thank you to EVERYONE who helped with ASPIRE and MAP Assessments last week. It was a big undertaking and I appreciate everyone's help!
  • Thank you to the teachers who made Congrats Confirmandi Signs!  
  • Thanks to all the teachers who signed up to do Clubs this session. Clubs start this week! 
  • Thanks to the 5th grade teachers who assigned student helpers for morning arrival for this coming week! 
  • Thanks to Kristi who got us introduced to the Guided Reading APP

Tuesday's Professional Development Planning Time 

Upcoming PD Days - 

April 17th - Portfolio Committee and Teacher Evaluations (meeting for PK-5 faculty in Kittler) 

April 24th - Progress Report Work Time 

May 1st - Art Fair Selection, Portfolio Night Prep 


Christa and I will figure out all the students who need to complete their ASPIRE make ups on Monday. We'll figure out a schedule and communicate this out hopefully sometime on Monday. We will stay clear of Wednesday, the Young Inventors Fair. More to come. 

3rd Grade Wax Museum Viewing Sign Up and Direction for Friday, May 4, 2018 (8:30am-11:15am)

Please click this link for directions as well as to sign up. Thanks to the third grade team for preparing this annual event! 


Student Council Earth Day Activity 

After announcements a Student Council rep will be coming to your classroom to present about Earth Day, which is April 22nd. They will have a poster with them, but I don't have enough for each classroom so I will be hanging them around the school. 

They will be talking about a challenge that we created this morning and we need some help from you! Students and teachers are asked to...

1.) Recycle at least 3-5 things a day

2.) Turn off the lights each time you leave the classroom

3.) Teachers try to make some copies on recycled paper

I'm also asking that you keep a tally of these things on your whiteboard to hold the students (and yourselves :) ) accountable.

Thank you for your help with this!  Rachel  Nemes

Dignity Revolution TO DO THIS WEEK (if you haven't done it already) (added 4.15)

For teachers: Dignity Revolution- Dignity of Others (Part 2)

During the month of March, student created posters with an artistic representations of their faces. Within the faces, students wrote positive words about themselves. This was to practice dignity of self.

Within the next two weeks (before April 23), students will show dignity of others, including their classmates. Students will go around write down positive things about their classmates on the outside of the head in the empty space. Students can do this using markers. Younger students can sketch pictures, which older students can write words. Pictures can continue hanging in the hallways once done with the activity.

As an optional pre-activity, students can practice giving each other compliments. The Bengal Ambassadors in grades 3-5 discussed that compliments should be individualized, personal and specific. Teachers can write each of their students’ names on a post-it. Give each student a post- it (make sure students do not have a post it with their own name). On the same post it, the student writes a compliment about that person listed. They can then share their compliments with the person or with the whole class.


Please remember to submit your classroom photos to the following Google Drive: 


Please Use Updated Field Trip Permission Form  

I've updated the Field Trip Permission Form. Please use this one (it is also on the Quick Links Page) CLICK HERE

Discard the old one. Thanks!  Also, when RG okays the field trip application, I'm going to hand directly to Christa to process unless there is a problem. So please make/keep a copy for yourself.