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Elementary Notes

Table of Contents

  • Teacher Weekly link (click here) 
  • Applause!  Applause! 
  • Know Who Your Room Reps are CLICK HERE 
  • Please use updated Permission Slips for Field Trips
  • Most other things you need are in Gemo's notes 

Applause!  Applause!  

  • Thanks to The Liturgy Committee for planning a successful Ash Wednesday Mass! 
  • Thanks to the Lent Committee for providing the Lent activities for our campus. 
  • Thanks to Denisa Gragovic for all she has done for SBPS!  We will miss her. 
  • Thanks to Roxy for planning the Mardi Gras Celebration and getting the Kings Cake for everyone!
  • Thanks to Gina and (?) for planning the mask activities for Mardi Gras! 
  • Thanks to the Faculty Life committee for planning the Fat Tuesday feast in the lounge! 
  • Thanks to the HSA for the 100th Day of School gifts! 
  • Thanks to Joe Accardi and Cathy N and the maintenance staff for hosting a successful Fish Fry! 
  • Thanks to all those who have RSVP'd for the Gala!  More to come. 
  • Thanks to Phil and all the teachers who welcome board member, Ron Wojick, in their classrooms this past Monday to inform him on how tech is being integrated in the classrooms. 
  • Thanks to all those who welcomed our videographer in their rooms on Monday! 
  • Thanks to all who held down the fort while I was out on Thursday and Friday last week  

Tuesday's Professional Development Planning Time 

Upcoming PD Days - 

February 20th - Dignity Revolution Presentation and School Safety Updates 

February 27th - TBD (Interactive Projector Practice in small groups?) 

March 6th - Catechetical Video Training Time 

March 13th - Second Trimester Report Card Work Time

March 20th - CHAMPS integration planning time

March 27th - ASPIRE SUMMATIVE PREP meeting grades 3-8




Please remember to submit your classroom photos to the following Google Drive: 


Class Supplies - If you need some 

It seems that we have most of the items on hand at school now except for Clorox wipes and paper towels which we will order more of. If you need something, check the chart below. Find the colleague with extras and pick some up from him/her. Also, if you need White Board spray, see Christa. We will give each person ONE BOTTLE for the year. If you need a refill, see Christa with your bottle. She will refill it. 

Click here for more information. 

Please Use Updated Field Trip Permission Form Starting Now 

I've updated the Field Trip Permission Form. Please use this one (it is also on the Quick Links Page) CLICK HERE

Discard the old one. Thanks!  Also, when RG okays the field trip application, I'm going to hand directly to Christa to process unless there is a problem. So please make/keep a copy for yourself.