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Elementary Notes

Table of Contents

Friday, August 18, 2017  Day Four of Faculty Orientation

Elementary School Grades 1-5   8AM - 10AM - in Heidenreich Hall 

Topics - you may bring your laptops - thanks! 

  • Safety Drills 
  • Lesson Plans/Unit Plans and submission 
  • RenWeb - Lesson Plans, Communication and expectations
  • Inclusion and RTI
  • Guided Reading Room - Check Out
  • Recess Equipment - Inventory and Check Out
  • Lunch Room Clean up - Directions
  • Portfolio - quick update 
  • Supply check in 
  • Part Two - Discipline Policy 
  • PBIS Teach Days - schedule and plan
  • Schedule (I'm praying) 

Digital/Tech equipment handouts will start about 10:15AM...Denisa will come to your rooms. 

Words Their Way Digital Resources 

Here is the information to access the online DVD and tools. This should work for everyone. Let Kaylee Tarris know if there are any issues.  

You can visit www.pearsonschool.com in the "web code" box located on the homepage to get access to the resources. Let me know if that works. 

DVD Code: fdk-1000

CD Code: euk-0212

Monday's Schedule - Inclusion Hand Off 

Kristi has created a schedule for service plan hand offs on Monday. These will be held in Jackie Stancin's Art Room - Room 322 - Third floor, building two (above HS entrance). 

9:00-9:15- Kindergarten (Previous teacher is no longer at SBPS. CHAMPS need to attend )

9:15-9:45- Kindergarten to First Grade (Just KT and EK need to attend with 1st grade Team and CHAMPS)

9:45-10:30- First to Second grade (Just GZ and MP need to attend with 2nd Grade Team and CHAMPS)

10:30-11:15- Second to Third Grade (MN, DO, and AM need to attend with third grade team and CHAMPS)

11:15-11:45- Third to Fourth Grade (Only 4th Grade team and CHAMPS needs to attend)

11:45-12:15- 4th to 5th Grade (Only 5th Grade Team and CHAMPS needs to attend)

Please let me know if you have any questions! (If we run late... we may have to do 4th-5th hand off after lunch...just FYI)

Teacher Weekly

CLICK HERE  (Teacher Weekly will resume next week) 

Reminders for this week

There will be more specific Elementary News and Directions beginning next week. For now, please check Gemo's notes. More to come. 

Let's Give a SHOUT OUT to...

  • to the awesome elementary teachers who have already been in and around campus working on their classrooms!