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Elementary Notes

Table of Contents

  • Teacher Weekly link
  • Nancy Feely is back - the plan
  • Shout Outs!
  • Letters to mail in the Rectory
  • Substitute Teacher plans 
  • Executive Functioning check-in
  • Tutoring Requests -updated 12/18/16
  • Summer Tutoring - new
  • Faculty Baptisms & Birthdays
  • Clubs - UPDATED 4/17 about payments

Teacher Weekly

CLICK HERE for the Teacher Weekly document for the week of April 24th


Now that Nancy Feely is back part-time, see the plan:

- Nancy does the Teacher Weekly and Buzz

- All student discipline issues should go to Rachel W or Erika still for now

- Nancy will review progress reports for gr. 1-5

-Nancy will be at school, M 4/24, Tu 4/25, F 4/28

-Nancy will be back full time starting Monday, May 1st

Let's Give a SHOUT OUT to...

  • Administrative Professionals Day! (Wed. 4/26) Yea Carol & Christa!
  • Congratulations Confirmandi! (Thurs. 4/27)
  • Happy Birthday Cathryn Jenkins! (Thurs. 4/27)

Interested in a ES Yearbook (K-5) at a low cost for teachers?

Sign up here, once we know the # of people who would like a yearbook, we will know the cost.  Contact Emily McGuinn with questions.


Teachers have until Friday, 4/28 to add their names on to this list. 

Letters to mail in the Rectory

If you had your class prepare letters to mail, and then gave them to the rectory to mail, please see Ellen in the rectory.  There are some that cannot be processed, and she does not know which teacher dropped them off.  



Catechetical Training Update...

I spoke to the person downtown who handles all of the Catechist training modules.  I have asked her to add another module for each person who has already/almost completed their current module.  I am hoping by next week those will be loaded to your accounts.  If you have any questions about this, please feel free to ask me!  -Rachel W. 

Substitute Teacher Plans

Please complete the Google Doc that Carol sent out asking for the location and color of your sub plans folder ASAP!

Substitute folders – Please read the excerpt from the Faculty Handbook that outlines what should be included in your sub plans.  All should have this ready, whether you expect to out one day or not.

Each teacher is required to have a substitute folder in his/her room and a copy in the office containing the following items:  daily class schedule, up-to-date seating charts, alphabetical class lists, lists of small groups, indication of books and materials used and their location, daily teacher’s schedule, fire drill directions, list of students receiving special services, and other helpful hints to facilitate the substitute’s day.

Detailed lesson plans should be available and clearly written.  Another teacher on the same level should agree to be the cooperating teacher of the substitute, helping to locate information and answering questions that might arise.  The absent teacher is responsible for making these arrangements with a colleague.

The administration considers it very unprofessional to be absent from work and not have adequate plans.  It is suggested that teachers have “emergency” plans made up of “generic” or “timeless” activities.  Only in extreme circumstances will the principal permit inadequate plans.

How to submit sub plans – leave with Christa or Ivette if you have a planned absence.  Email lesson plans to

Rachel W   and Christa (for EC)
Nancy and Carol and Christa (for ES)
Erika and Ivette and Christa (for Secondary)

It is also helpful to email them to a teaching partner as well.

Executive Functioning check-in

The H S A is presenting a parent workshop on Thursday, December 8th about Executive Functioning from Rush, the same presenters we had here in August.  Please feel free to express to parents how important the topic is!

Also, see the refresher on what we agreed we would focus on this year….are we keeping up?  If not, start implementing now!

ALL (Elem):

  • Codes for homework/planners
  • Check student planners (or homework trackers) at the end of the day, until you have data to back you up that students are consistently and correctly writing down the assignments
  • TEACH organization
  • TASK Analysis

By level:

  • CHAMPS – post-it note with homework listed passed on to classroom teacher to write on assignment board
  • 1ST GRADE – material management, homework tracker, task analysis (link to portfolio goals)
  • 2nd GRADE – interactive note-taking, CUCC, test/assessment (color)
  • 3rd GRADE – study strategies, planner, CUCC (math word problems, written response)
  • 4th GRADE – DO-NOW 5/5, label folders/cleaning out folders, assignment notebook modeling
  • 5th GRADE – note taking strategies, DO-NOW format, planner/folder/labels


Tutoring Requests - Have any of these been filled?  Let NF know!

If you are interested in tutoring any of these students, please connect with the teacher listed.  See Nancy Feely for next steps once you agree on a time with the family. 

  1. Fourth grade student to be tutored in math , Monday or Wednesday after school . Please contact Molly Zurek 
  2. Fourth grade student to be tutored in math one or two times a week . Please contact Molly Zurek
  3. Third grade student to be tutored in reading and writing. Student is available for after school sessions. Please contact Roxy Cirincione (3rd grade) if interested.

  4. A parent who is looking for writing and homework support for their third grade student. Please have the teacher contact Emily McGuinn.

  5. FILLED - 5th grader who needs tutoring 1x a week after school for an hour in grammar/vocab.  Contact Angela Peterson if you are interested.

  6. NEW - A fourth grader is in need of a tutor for math and reading. Please contact Kristi for details. 

  7. & 8. Two first graders are looking for a tutor, contact Gina Zadrozny for more info.

9. 5th grader whose parents are requesting a tutor for Grammar and Math one day a week (Tuesdays would be best). Contact Cathryn Jenkins.

10.  3rd grader needs support with organization & writing.  Contact Emily McGuinn.

Summer Tutoring

1) A current 2nd grader needs a summer tutor for reading comprehension.  Contact Andrea Montgomery for more info.

2) A third grade student is seeking a summer tutor for reading and writing. Contact Emily McGuinn for more info.

Faculty Birthdays & Baptisms - Info needed from you!

As discussed at the end of the school year, I would like to do something celebrating your Baptism date (or date of another important religious event of your life.)  (You don't have to give the year :), just the month and date.)  If you already answered with a date, please go in and add your birthday.  



Be sure you are following the checklist!


UPDATE: For Spring Club Reimbursements and Stipends, please submit to Rachel Waldron.  Since she approved the clubs while Nancy was out, she offered to process the payments to keep things simple!  (Thanks RW!)


  • (9 WEEKS)
  • Mon. 3/27 – Fri. 5/26
  • (no clubs on:  Th 4/13, F 4/14, M 4/17, Th 5/04, F 5/05)