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News for Families in Grades 1-5

Upcoming Dates

 August 18th  or 19th – RenWeb Parent Portal will be enabled by this date for families in good standing

August 21st – Elementary grades 1-5 “Meet and Greet” from 4:30 to 5:30PM

August 22nd – First Day of School for grades 1-12 – regular Tuesday early dismissal 2PM/2:15PM

August 29th – Back to School Night for Grades K-5 begins at 6PM in the GYM - there is a lot of new news to share! We hope to see you in the GYM for the first all parent assembly portion. 

Elementary grades 1-5 “Meet and Greet” is Monday, August 21st from 4:30 to 5:30PM

Start the school year off right by stopping by one day earlier! Our annual teacher "meet and greet" is a great way to meet your child(ren)'s teacher(s) prior to the first day of school. Parents and students attend this gathering. Our families may go to visit the classroom and get a sneak peak of the learning environment. It's a great way to help students make the new year transition smooth and build excitement around learning. We hope your family will attend! 

New Elementary School Teachers for this Year 

First Grade - Amy Carlino (she was our computer teacher last year) 

First Grade - Deborah Geppert 

Fourth Grade - James White 

STEM Teacher - Jennifer Hoban 

Our New Choir for grades 3-5, The Benedictine Children's Chorus

We have re-worked the program for the upcoming year in hopes of better serving our school families and creating an enriching educational experience for our kids. Here are just a few of the changes we have made...

New Time: Monday Morning! 

Choir will now meet before school on at 7:15am on Mondays. The choir will rehearse until 8:30am then sing for Mass with their peers. After Mass they'll be dismissed to their regular classes. 

Dual Directors

This year the choir will be co-directed by our music teacher, Ms. Hannah Stapleton, as well as yours truly. We believe that our combined musical knowledge and experience will allow us to create a powerful music education experience for your children. Two heads are better than one! 

Community Performance & Service Opportunities

In addition to singing for our school Masses, the chorus will serve the greater parish community through music. This will include Sunday Mass, community performances, festivals, and more! 

Only 30 Spots Available!

During the pilot year of this program we are limiting the number of singers in the chorus to 30 spots. There is no audition, but prospective chorus members should have an interest in music and a desire to learn.There is a one-time fee of $75 that will help cover the cost of sheet music, festival entry, and a choir t-shirt. 

We will host a meet & greet in room 333 during our school open house on Monday, August 21st. Please stop by to say hi and check out some our our new materials! 

If you are interested in having your child participate, please click the button below and complete the form: CLICK HERE. 

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How to Become and Approved Volunteer: Compliance Procedures for All Volunteers

The St. Benedict Prep community welcomes volunteers to help provide students with the best educational environment and opportunities possible.  We depend on family support to carry out our mission to inspire and cultivate a balance of faith, academic excellence, and individual talents in a diverse setting.

ALL VOLUNTEERS need to complete the following training and forms before they can volunteer for the school or parish events that involve positions of trust or working with children:

1.  Complete an online criminal background check.  CLICK HERE to begin the process. A few notes about the registration page: The access code is "protection"; choose "Archdiocese of Chicago", not "Religious Community...Volunteer."  Once the registration page is completed, a checklist of pages to complete will follow. All pages must be completed before you can submit the background screening.

2.  Attend Virtus/Protecting God's Children for Adults.  Go to, and select Registration on the left panel. Note: all participants must pre-register online to attend. Upon completion you will be given a certificate which should be turned in to the school.

3.  Read and sign the Code of Conduct form and turn in to the school.  CLICK HERE for a copy of the Code of Conduct form.

4.  Complete Child Abuse and Neglect Tracking Form (CANTS).  Return completed form to the school. CLICK HERE for a copy of the CANTS form.

We do not want to disappoint any potential volunteers or turn any volunteers away. If you have any questions, please contact either Mrs. Christine Clardy at or Ms. Rachel Gemo at You may also check with Mrs. Dodovich ( in the office to confirm that all your requirements are fulfilled to be a volunteer at SBPS, including being a chaperone on a field trip. 

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