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Upcoming Dates


  • June 9 - Last day of School -Wear Dress Uniforms -Mass 10:30am- Noon Dismissal
  • July 14-16 - BenFest!
  • August 21 - Teacher Meet & Greet
  • August 22 - First Day of School

In this section....

  • Notes about last days of school 
  • A Final Note from Mrs. Feely
  • 5th to 6th grade Math placement 
  • Box Top Winners
  • Summer Camp Information
  • Yearbook Info 
  • Parish Children's Choir
  • Maddy Strong bracelets
  • Approved Volunteer info
  • HSA link

Notes about the Last Day of School for Grades 1-5

Please read the following details so you are 'in the know' and prepared for the last day of school.  (Please note that PS, K, 8th grade and 12th grade have earlier 'last days of school.')

Friday, June 9th is the last day of school for students in grades 1-5.

  •  It is a half  day of school 12:00pm (Noon) DISMISSAL time
  • There is Before-Care
  • There will be NO Aftercare
  • Students are to wear DRESS uniforms
  • Students are to bring a snack, NO lunch will be served
  • Students will attend Mass at 10:30am 
  • Students will dismiss at 12:00pm (noon)

A Final Note from Mrs. Feely

The past eleven years at St. Benedict Prep have been an important part of my life. Not only have I grown in my career, I have seen families grow up, have met so many grandparents, extended family members, nannies and the like.  Students often ask “do you know every kid’s name in the school?”  Yes I do, it is important that I do, and St. Benedict Prep was an easy place to do so.

Thank you, parents, for leading by example.  Your children notice the time, talent or treasure you offer the school and parish, which then may inspire them to the same, and in turn will make them great contributors to society.  Thank you for showing compassion towards others when we may have needed to work through some difficult situations over the years, and took a lesson from the situation at hand.  I know I learned from every difficult time we went through together, and I am a better administer because of it.  Because of you, we have a lot to celebrate at SBPS as well!  I was always proud to tell others what our school accomplished together.

And for students, always look and do your best and present yourself to others well - but always judge others by what they offer on the inside and not judge them for what they look like on the outside.  Always try – academically or socially- to challenge yourself to do better.  If you make a mistake – academically or socially – fix it.  Others won’t remember the mistake you made, but rather, they will remember that you tried to make it better.

Lastly, thank you for choosing Catholic education for your family.  I worked to make sure that experience of prayer, Catholic traditions, liturgy and knowing God was present and special for all - so young people could find a connection to God in their own way in their own time.  It is inspiring to know that I was a part in offering this gift these students will carry with them throughout their lives.

As I finish my last weeks at St. Benedict Prep, I reflect on how I am thankful for the time I spent here, and I am grateful that I am able to spend time with my three boys in these important formative years.  I look forward to bumping into you when we least expect it, I am sure I will be proud to learn what everyone has become.

God Bless,

Nancy Feely

5th to 6th grade Math Placement

All students in the 5th grade took a Math Placement test this week in the 5th grade classroom. This test will assist in determining Math classes for 6th grade. Parents will receive a letter in June regarding Math placement for their child.  Any questions about this process can be directed to Dr. Erika Mickelburgh in the Secondary School.

Box Top Winners!

Wow, there was a lot of saving and clipping this spring!  

PK Winners:

  • 1. Emmett Feely 161 Box Tops
  • 2. Amelia Tam 154 Box Tops
  • 3. Jessica Olhava 72 Box Tops

Winning Class is Miss Elliott's with 191 total (big boost from Amelia!).

K-5 Winners:

  • 1. Clara Schlachter 152 Box Tops
  • 2. Sadie Stark 150 box Tops
  • 3. A Tie by the Yankowski brothers, Blake and Ronin, with a combined submission of 243 box Tops (which is 121. 5 each)!
  • Honorable mention the Leadstrom twins, Tess & Ella, in Kindergarten with a combined submission of 228, that is 114 each!

Winning class: Mrs. O'Farrell with 231 Box Tops

Secondary School:  A big win for Hilda House with 541 Box Tops, way out pacing Scholastica with 197 and Gregory with 180. Boniface had 5:) 

The winners will receive their book prizes on Tuesday June 6 and runners up (2 and 3 along with the honorable mentions) will get bookmarks for their effort.  Winning classrooms will receive Amazon gift cards for game/book purchase of the teacher's choice.

Thanks for all the effort and please save and clip all summer for our October submission!


Summer Camp 2017

We will once again be offering summer camp for the summer of 2017.  Weekly theme-based summer camps will be offered for students who are currently enrolled in Preschool through Second Grade.  (stay tuned for more options from 3-Point Athletics for older students).

Current Preschool students (children were 3 on or before September 1, 2016) will have weekly themed camps beginning June 19th - August 4th.  (Please note that the week of July 4th will be a three-day camp week)

  • June 19-23 - Western Round-Up
  • June 26-30 - Fun in the Sun
  • July 3 - 7 (Camp is only 3 days this week) - Sports Extravaganza
  • July 10-14 - Space is the Place
  • July 17-21 - Construction/Tools
  • July 24-28 - Land Before Time
  • July 31 - August 4 - Animal Planet

Current Kindergarten-2nd Grade students will have weekly themed camps offered beginning June 19th-July 14th and July 24th-August 4th.  There will be Totus Tuus camp offered during the week of July 17th-21st.  (Please note that the week of July 4th will be a three-day camp week)

  • June 19-23 - Gardening
  • June 26-30 - Fun in the Sun
  • July 3 - 7 (Camp is only 3 days this week) - Sports Extravaganza
  • July 10-14 - Space is the Place
  • July 17-21 - Totus Tuus
  • July 24-28 - Land Before Time
  • July 31 - August 4 - Animal Planet

CLICK HERE for more information and to register

Yvonne's Dance Academy is excited to offer TWO Summer Dance Programs for 2017!

Summer Dance Camp is open to Bitty - Level 2 dancers and starts on June 19th! Join us for one day ($60) or full week ($300) sessions at our IPR studio location (1733 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60613.) Available Monday through Friday, drop off at 8am, camp is in session from 8:30am-11:30am. SDC is offered for the following weeks this summer: 

SDC Week 1: June 19-23
SDC Week 2: June 26-30
SDC Week 3: August 7-11

YDA Summer Intensives are open to Level 2+ dancers! Sign up your dancer for Monday through Thursday sessions ($240) of Ballet, Contemporary & Hip-Hop. From 4-7pm at our IPR studio location (1733 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60613.) Dancers will prepare for a small, informal performance for family and friends following each 4-day session. These performances will take place at our IPR studio on the Thursday of each session from 7:30-8PM.*** Any current or prospective ELITE TEAM member must sign up for any TWO Summer Intensive sessions ***Summer Intensives are offered for the following weeks:  

Intensive Session 1: June 12-15
Intensive Session 2: June 19-22
Intensive Session 3: June 26-29
Intensive Session 4: July 31- Aug 3
Intensive Session 5: Aug 7 - Aug 10

We look forward to dancing with you this summer! Register today via classjuggler

2016-17 Yearbook 

All orders from this point on will be shipped to your home.

Elementary School Yearbooks for students in grades Kindergarten through 5th are now on sale for the 2016-2017 school year. This 80 page yearbook includes colored pages with each homeroom class, as well as, student life, and special events. The soft-cover yearbook is $26.00. Hard cover yearbooks can also be purchased for an additional $6.95.  

To order a Yearbook please refer to the following link: Please note that Yearbooks ordered by May 5th will be delivered to your student's classroom in early June. Questions? Email


CHILDREN'S CHOIR  is an after school group open to all young singers in grades 3 to 5 in our school, parish, and religious education program! The choir sings for Sunday Mass, our all-parish Christmas concert, and participates in the Pueri Cantores Regional Catholic Choir festival. The choir rehearses on Mondays from 4pm until 5:20pm in church. A complete calendar of rehearsals and performances is available here. Students can be picked up from aftercare at 3:50pm if needed. If you would like your child to be picked up from aftercare to go to choir, please indicate so in the comment section of the form below.  Contact our Parish Music Director, Mr. Jeremy Kiolbassa with any questions at


#MADDY STRONG bracelets - support for Maddy Roock

As many people in the St. Benedict community know, the Roock family encountered a devastating car crash in early August.  Maddy, a 2nd grader at SBPS, is recovering from serious injuries at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.  The support from the SBPS community has been amazing and humbling, and many are asking for ways they can help or show support, in addition to keeping Maddy in their prayers. 

#MADDYSTRONG bracelets have been created by friends of the Roock’s and the Finn family has generously donated bracelets in adult and child sizes.  If your child or entire family would like to show support by wearing a bracelet, stop by the Elementary office to pick up a bracelet.  There are enough bracelets so every person in your family can wear a bracelet if you choose. 

If you would like resources on how to talk to you child(ren) about dealing with grief, please contact Nancy Feely.

‘Approved Volunteer,’ what does that mean?

All volunteers are to have completed:  Virtus/Protecting God’s Children training, an online criminal background screening, signing a code of conduct, and completing a form called CANTS, (Child Abuse & Neglect Tracking System.)  The only thing that needs to be completed annually is the CANTS form.  All other aspects are a one-time request. Please be sure to have all components on file.  You can check with Mrs. Dodovich (, or x401) in the office to confirm that all your requirements are fulfilled to be a volunteer at SBPS, including being a chaperone on a field trip. 

NEW THIS YEAR:  Chaperone/Volunteer agreement

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