Agora - Experiential Learning

Dance Chicago!

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This Fine + Applied Arts exploratory curricular program will give our students an immersive, week-long learning experience in which they can discover their talents, unique abilities and values within the realm of movement. This specific program takes into account students’ rapidly changing interests and different motivational levels.  Students will be immersed in intense technical training in various forms of dance such as modern, ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, and jazz.  Additionally, other genres of dance may be woven into the curriculum.

Requirements for Participation: Students who participate in this program should have an open mind and be ready to experience new things.  Students will be required to physically participate in all movement based activities, classes, and/or performance opportunities. 

Tentative Cost: $600

Faculty: Yvonne Grabe-Liddell is in her eighth year of teaching at SBPS. She earned a BA from DePaul University and currently teaches Dance, Conditioning, and Kinesiology in the secondary school. Currently, she is also the owner and director of Yvonne’s Dance Academy.

Paulina Pietras joined the SBPS community through Yvonne’s Dance Academy and currently teaches both Language Arts at SPBS and various styles of dance at YDA. 

AGORA 2015-2016 Catalog

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