Agora - Experiential Learning

Our Culinary Arts Agora chefs will get some cooking chops during our Agora week at the Chopping Block! Students will tackle a five-day culinary boot camp that explores the fundamentals of cooking while putting our passion for food to the test. By the time our young chefs put their tools away at the beginning of May they will have whipped up some unbelievable delights and built a foundation of cooking skills that will last a lifetime. Each day one of the Chopping Block’s talented professional chefs will guide us through a different skill set, touching on everything from the proper way to dice an onion to the perfect béchamel to how to butcher a whole chicken--and beyond. It is a hands-on, action-packed celebration of food for all! The five-day course will culminate in a team Iron Chef competition—our opportunity to show off the skills we've worked hard for throughout the week.

The main goal of our Agora group is to get passionate about food while building a strong foundation of cooking skills that will last a lifetime, and potentially jumpstart some careers in the culinary world!

Suzanne Q. Stone has been the Director of the Protégé Internship Program for the last 5 years at SBPS. She has a BA from Seton Hill University and received her MFA from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. She spent a number of years working for herself as a partner in a communications firm before she joined the Archdiocese 15 years ago. She developed the Protégé Internship Program so that high school seniors could investigate career and college major choices.  Over the last 11 years she has successfully placed literally hundreds of students in professional work environments through the Protégé Internship Program.   

Ms. Paulina Pietras is in her second year of teaching at SBPS. She earned a BA in Secondary Education from University of Illinois at Chicago University and currently teaches middle school Language Arts. In addition, Ms. Pietras also teaches various styles of dance through Yvonne’s Dance Academy.