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Advisory Board News


Welcome to the new board members who will serve a 3 year term starting in August!

- Megan Biggam (Strategic Planning)

- Elizabeth Zakaras (Finance)

- Beka Kohmescher (Finance)

- Dean Evans (Technology)

- Jenny Hoban (Academic Excellence)

- Erich Parker (Marketing & Communications)

Thank you to those board members who served and are rolling off their 3 year term

- Aileen Blake (Chair)

- Rachel Combs (Secretary)

- Mike Hart (Finance)

- Jamee Insko (Development)

- Peg McLaughlin (Academic Excellence)

Current Board Members

- Tim Urguhart (Chair)

- Becky Hauman (Vice Chair & Strategic Planning)

- Karla Stearns (Marketing & Communications & Secretary)

- Pat Patras (Academic Excellence) 

- Gina Hortasos (Catholic Identity) 

- Bill Yankowski (Development)

- Jose Ronchetta (Facilities)

- Julie Rothweiler (Marketing & Communications)

- Ron Wojcik (Technology)

- Alan Johnson (Technology)


The SBPS Advisory Board accepts applications each Spring for the following school year.  Please send any questions to:



We will have another Strategic Planning Town Hall hosted by Ms. Rachel Gemo and the School Advisory Board to provide a recap of the new Mission Articulation and some updates regarding the future of St. Benedict Preparatory School as we phase out the high school over the course of the next two years. Parents are invited to these sessions. They will cover the same material, so please feel free to choose the one that makes the most sense for you.

Tuesday, May 23rd at 7PM in the Secondary School Library

Thursday, May 25th at 8:10AM in the Secondary School Library



Please click on the link below for all communications pertaining to the new school mission and strategic plan.

Update on "Reaching New Heights"  April 2017

Announcement New Mission February 2017

FAQ Regarding New Mission February 2017



A huge thank you to the 300+ people that participated in the 37 different focus groups for parents, parishioners, faculty, and administration as we work on finalizing our contemporary mission for each level of schooling at SBPS (early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school).

What are the SBPS School Advisory Board’s next steps for this strategic initiative?

  • Review enrollment and financial data from the last 5 years.
  • Analyze the online survey data (from November) and the focus group feedback details gathered by our consultants.
  • Use this information to provide a data-driven recommendation to Fr. Jason and Ms. Gemo for the future mission of SBPS. (February)
  • Fr. Jason and Ms. Gemo to finalize recommendation. (March)
  • Communicate updated strategic direction to the SBPS community. (April/May)

The goal is to begin to implement the new strategic direction for the 2017-2018 school year.



The Advisory Board is composed of parents, alumni and other stakeholders of the school with three primary roles:

1. We advise school administration on policies that help guide the planning and administration of school, as well as review and advise on the school budget, tuition rates and other sources of financing.

2. We develop and help implement the school’s strategic plan and activities with strategic and
implementation expertise.

3. We participate in the school’s development, student recruitment efforts and long-range plans.

We are a board of “doers” who strive to help the school fulfill its mission in a spirit of cooperation and interdependence with the pastor and principal.  The Board is composed of 15 members who help chair and drive the activities of eight committees (see below for committee descriptions).  The Board operates with the school calendar and is active late August through mid-June with some projects continuing through the summer.

Chair:  Aileen Blake
Vice Chair:  Tim Urquhart
Secretary:  Rachel Combs
Academic Excellence Committee:  Peg McLaughlin*, Patrick Patras
Catholic Identity Committee:  Gina Hortasos*
Development Committee:  Jamee Insko*, Bill Yankowski
Finance Committee:  Tim Urquhart*, Michael Hart
Facilities Committee:  Gregory Thompson*
Marketing & Communications Committee:  Karla Stearns*, Julie Rothweiler
Strategic Planning & Policy Committee:  Becky Hauman*
Technology Committee:  Ron Wojcik*, Alan Johnson
* denotes Chair