PAJAMA JAM 3: The Search for Harmony



Is this an adults only party?

Why is this awesome party being thrown?
This is a volunteer appreciation event, for all the parents who have generously donated their time in classrooms and on field trips, coaching sports, and school fundraisers.

Where can I find pajamas?
Examples of fun, appropriate pajamas can be found at:

What is Live Band Karaoke?
Live Band Karaoke is Chicagoland's FIRST, fiercest, and finest karaoke band. With a list of hundreds of songs, they play every genre you can think of: ROCK, POP, HEAVY METAL, HIP HOP, MOTOWN, COUNTRY, R&B, SOUL, DISCO, BLUES, PUNK, AND MORE!!!  They bring the lyrics & live band, and it's up to US to grab the microphone!

This sounds awesome. Tell me more!
We’ll have adult beverages for purchase and opportunities to see your favorite faculty members perform on stage!

What time does the party start and end?

I like fun, so what are we doing after the Pajama Jam?
We'll be heading to Reclaimed after PJ3! More info to follow!

I'm in! How do I get tickets?
You can order tickets online (see the button at the top of this page) or at the door! If you buy online, we'll have your name on a list - it makes check-in much easier! Admission is $25 at the door, so save yourself five bucks!